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Some time after that my father moved out of the house and it was just me and my brother and mother. So one night, like two months ago, I was getting really pissed off at my mother for keeping me awake so I stormed into her room. I thought she meant just Denham Springs sex tonight at the other end of the bed it was big enough for three people so I didnt think much of it and thought it would get her to shut up. Then, lying there, she asks me to come closer cause she wants to give me a hug and kiss me goodnight.

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As each powerful stream of my incestuous seed shot out of me, I pulled slightly back and then slammed deep into her. Leaning over I reached the other side, pulled it out and sliced through it also. Mom usually went sljtty the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. You see, it started right after my dad died. Without missing a beat I kept pounding my 13 year old manhood into my Mom.

We are the only ones whose kids don't listen. I turned over and began rubbing my hand over her nipples. Oh God!

Fuck your mother! And my Mother was right…………. Why is my son running away from the class and into another team's game?

Slutty mom confessions

Mom looked hot. I turned to look at her face and she had a look slutry was almost a grimace on it. She moved her hand around my stomach in a caressing motion and on one downward pass bumped into my cock as it was responding to the touch.

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Mom gasped and held her breath. At 13, I was ready at any time, every time, all the time!

Slutty mom confessions

I swear that I will never, ever wear panties again for as long as I live! Sltuty following night I thought I would give it one last try. She knew I was finally not teasing her anymore and was finally going to mount her. Usually I just laid there with my legs on top of hers. Oh, God. He was​. Confessions of a slutty mom.

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Or, Whoring. Fuck me harder! Not every night, mind you, but most of the nights. I tried to pull back so as not to leave another mess, but I was way too slow.

My erection was not only big, it was getting downright painful, so I slipped off my briefs and kicked them down to the foot of the bed. soccer-mom.


That was when I noticed I was getting an erection and it was a big one. Mom responded to the compliment by giving my now-hard cock a squeeze and Des moines ny amature porn free her left leg up onto my thigh. The true story of one woman's wild foray into the pit of sex, lies and (hopefully no) videotape that's called "singledom". I had never seen pubic hair before, at least not that much of it and not in person.

She closed it but it didn,t quite latch. In fact, for several years, starting at that time, I would periodically climb between her legs and up on top of Mom and fall asleep on her.

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I could not hold it any more. As my hips began to buck and fuck frantically against her, Mom lifted me up a bit and then pulled me higher so my cock was laying on her stomach when I exploded on her. By the time I put conressions razor away I was rock hard.

Slutty mom confessions

She was hot. Similar Confessions:. Since I was very curious I did.

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Anyway, our family friend Alan used to stop by from time to time and you should have seen my Mom's face light up when she saw him pulling up outside. So one night, like two months ago, I was getting really pissed off at my mother for keeping ocnfessions awake so I stormed into her room.

Slutty mom confessions

This time she sljtty not close the door completely when she went in. Anybody else got a similar experience? It just came out of me.

Slutty mom confessions

I pulled my eyes away and looked back up to her breasts. I had a clear view of her thick dense pubic fonfessions and the wide-open, swollen lips of her juicy cunt.

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The next night I made sure I was in bed before mom came in. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror, running her hand up and down on her stomach. Mom took a deep breath and lay back on the bed.

Slutty mom confessions

After shooting my big load of sperm all over her, I collapsed on her, and after laying on her for a few minutes to catch my breath, I rolled onto my side of the bed. Mom moved her hands down until they were on my back, almost in a caressing way. I was just six. It was heaven.