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Happy 4th of July!

I usually watch the fireworks from DC, but decided to check them out from the river in Virginia this year.  A few friends and I walked down the bike path from Rosslyn to a great spot just past Roosevelt Island – the view was gorgeous and definitely worth the hike.  I love fireworks and seeing them reflected off the water just made them that much more beautiful.  The full set of pictures can be found on my Flickr page, but here are a few highlights.

A first look at the H Street Country Club

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the new H Street Country Club tonight for a sneak peek before the big opening tomorrow, and I am certainly glad I did because I do not think that I will ever get to see the place so empty again. This new bar on H Street NE might be the most anticipated of any new bar or restaurant in that neighborhood…and arguably in all of Capitol Hill.  I must say, it’s worth the wait and stands up to the hype. Continue reading

New Diner Arrives in Trinidad

As reported by Frozen Tropics and Young & Hungry last week, Trinidad will be getting a 1940’s era diner called Capital City Diner. The old car-style diner (great pictures of the outside and inside at Frozen Tropics) is being delivered this morning from New York. However, according to the Diner’s twitter feed, DCRA is dragging its feet on approving the foundation so they may have some trouble today while the city agency my mother affectionately refers to as “the rabbit hole” figures out which way is up. Continue reading

Eastern Market Building to Re-Open June 26

According to the Mayor’s office, the renovated Eastern Market building will re-open on June 26th, and a celebration will be held on the 27th.  Thanks to CHAMPS for first sharing the news after attended Mayor Fenty’s walk through of Eastern Market.  Shortly after, I got this email from the Mayor’s office: Continue reading

Outdoor Movie Nights

photo by riacale on Flickr

photo by riacale on Flickr

Yesterday, We Love DC broke the sad news that HBO is pulling it’s sponsorship of Screen on the Green, news that quickly sparked the birth of a Facebook group called “Save Screen on the Green!”  The outdoor movie festival has been a long-time favorite summer activity in our dear city and will be sorely missed – you just can’t beat that gorgeous backdrop.  But do not fret for too long, as there are enough alternatives around the area that you can basically see a different movie outside every night from May through September. Update: Screen on the Green is Saved!

  • No one else seems to be covering this in their outdoor movie guides but I’m more than happy to share it here – The Capitol Riverfront BID, which showed baseball-themed movies last summer, is running with an 80’s theme this year.  Every Thursday night from June 4 – August 6, at Tingey Plaza in SE, right by the ballpark.
  • NoMa’s Screen Festival returns again this year with “Music in Pictures,” featuring films about musicians and bands. Wednesday nights from June 10 – July 29, at L Street Between 2nd and 3rd Streets in NE.
  • Crystal City’s Crystal Screen is showing Superhero movies this year on Monday nights from May 4 – September 23 in the courtyard at 18th and Bell Streets, across from the Crystal City Metro.
  • The Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival is showing 80’s movies (these groups need to start coordinating their themes to avoid overlap! Last year it was all Bond, this year is all 80’s) on Fridays from May 1 – September 4.
  • And if Rockville isn’t too far out of the city for you, The 13th Annual Comcast Film Festival acts as a fundraiser for NIH Children’s charities. August 14 – 21 at the Mansion at Strathmore.
  • Update: DCist lists a few more options that are out in the ‘burbs.

So there you go, Tuesday night is the only weekend when you cannot find an outdoor movie showing.  Not too shabby, even without Screen on the Green!  Now throw in Jazz in the Garden, and the many free summer concerts in the area, and you’ve got a jam packed summer schedule.  So pack a picnic, a blanket to sit on, and enjoy all that summer in DC has to offer.

Evening Parade at the 8th & I Barracks

This is one of those events that I tell people they need to see at least once while living in DC.  Every Friday evening in the summer, the Marines at the 8th & I Barracks put on the Evening Parade, a performance featuring the President’s Own U.S. Marine Band, the Commandant’s Own U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, and the amazingly impressive Silent Drill Platoon.  And always a crowd favorite, an appearance by Chesty XIII, the Marine Corps’ English Bull Dog mascot.

So what’s the big deal about some marching bands and a big crowd of Marines?  Part of the appeal is visiting the Barracks, which is the oldest post of the Corps in the United States.  The Commandants’ house, on the north side of the Barracks is one of the most beautiful residences in DC, and is the oldest continually inhabited residence in Washington, DC.  Yes, even beating out the White House.  Apparently when the British were invading the city in 1814, they spared the Commandants’ house…several theories are floated around to explain it but I’m not sure anyone knows the real reason for sure. Continue reading

Easter Brunch Guide

image by bluecherry1408 on Flickr

image by bluecherry1408 on Flickr

Few other holidays scream “brunch” the way Easter Sunday does.  On the day when you can finally indulge after lent sacrifices, and eat giant chocolate bunnies and sugary-cream-filled chocolate eggs (I don’t know what the filling is in Cadbury Creme Eggs, and don’t really want to know, but I love love love them), a big brunch with family and friends feels so perfect.

Since you’ll likely be in your Sunday-best, a slightly nicer restaurant fits the occasion best.  Keep in mind that because Easter is a popular day for brunch, you will want to make a reservation.  But according to OpenTable.com, you still have a number of great options!  A few of my top recommendations would be:

For some more suggestions, several other local blogs have put together Easter Brunch Guides:

No matter what your religion, use tomorrow as an excuse to get together with your favorite people and indulge in some great food and sugary treats.

recessionista find of the day: sushi deals!

image by Alexandre Chang on Flickr

image by Alexandre Chang on Flickr

I always thought I didn’t like sushi.  Even when I lived in New York, it just didn’t do anything for me.  Then one day I got a craving for it, and haven’t been able to get enough since.  Sadly, sushi is a big pricey for a recessionista budget. Well the Going Out Gurus were kind enough to put together a list of sushi happy hours around town that I thought I should pass along for all my other sushi-lovers.

My top picks from their “Let’s Maki a Deal” (lol): Sticky Rice for the late night, and Cafe Asia for the best prices.

the diner guide

photo by Mike Tigas on Flickr

photo by Mike Tigas on Flickr

My love for diners is tied directly to my love for breakfast food.  Diners are reliable places to get breakfast food at whatever hour a craving hits.  It’s never fancy or expensive, but always satisfying and easy.  While DC lacks the amount of 24-hour diners that New York has, we do have a number of late night and 24 hour spots sprinkled around the city and in Virginia.  I’m shocked that I have been to so few on this list…

If I’m missing anything, please let me know in the comments!

Inauguration Brunch Guide


Since our city is about to be filled with large numbers of tourists for the Inauguration, I thought I’d put together a small brunch guide for our out-of-towners.  For any Washingtonians staying in town this weekend, I recommend picking spots off the beaten track or close to home, as our visitors are probably going to stick with the downtown restaurants.

Traditional DC Brunch

For a less expensive brunch

Brunch Events (Pricey but may be what you’re looking for)

Non-Brunch Spots That Are Worth A Visit

You’ll notice that these are pretty much all downtown…I did that for two reasons. 1) I feel like most tourists will be staying downtown or wanting to eat around there while sightseeing; and 2) I don’t want to encourage them to fill up my favorite neighborhood spots.  Selfish, I know, but I don’t want to have to wait in long lines for my brunch! If you want a few more suggestions for a specific neighborhood, ask me in the comments and I’ll be happy to help!

**Other Useful Links For Inauguration Weekend**

  • Metro’s Website – because driving into DC is a terrible idea.  Seriously, please don’t drive into the city.  There will be no where to park, let alone drive since half of the streets will be closed to traffic.  And the rest of the roads will be a giant parking lot due to the people stubborn enough to drive in despite warnings…
  • Metro Etiquette guide – because we get really cranky if you don’t stand to the right so we can get by on the escalators.
  • Bike Valet Information from the Washington Area Bicyclist Association – because sometimes biking in the freezing cold is better than dealing with the crowds on Metro.
  • DC’s Official Inauguration Guide – full of lots of great information, including a list of street closures (A map would be more helpful but hopefully they will provide one in the next week)
  • Follow DC’s Inauguration Guide on Twitter!
  • Washington Post’s Inauguration Central – a good resource for everything going on that weekend.
  • Going Out Gurus’ recommendations for where to eat on Inauguration Day.
  • Capital Spice put together a very comprehensive list and Google Map of all of the 213 bars and restaurants staying open late throughout the weekend.