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Brunch at Zengo

zengodcSometimes you want a quiet and sophisticated brunch.  And sometimes you want a boozy feast.  I thought Masa 14 was the best deal in town for such an event with their $35 all-you-can-order food and drinks.  Well it seems they have some competition: Zengo.  Just like at Masa 14, for For just $35 you can order as much as you want off of the menu and have bottomless brunch cocktails.  You’re not going to find many traditional brunch dishes here but there is plenty to love.

These brunches are best enjoyed with a group of friends who are not afraid to stuff themselves like it’s Thanksgiving.  Don’t like a dish? Then just order something else.  Really like a dish? Order more!  Want simple eggs and bacon and trying to watch how much you eat?  This is not the place for you. Continue reading

Brunch at Graffiato

My first dinner at Graffiato is one I still sometimes daydream about.  We ordered the tasting menu and pretty much everything that I put in my mouth made me melt. So news of a brunch menu had me instantly intrigued.  I was expecting a full brunch menu that would be as extensive as the dinner menu, and was a bit disappointed that it was only five items.  But it was supplemented by the lunch menu, which definitely made up for the limited brunch options.  As much as I love breakfast food, lunch is also part brunch and a selection like this is quite pleasing. Continue reading

brunch at Oyamel

One complaint I hear about brunch is that it can get a bit boring – eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, and variations on each – and I can’t completely disagree when so many places do just offer a lot of the same.  But DC does offer the chance to get a bit more creative.  So if you’re in a brunch slump, mix it up by going to a place you wouldn’t usually think of for brunch.  Such as a Mexican restaurant that is part of José Andrés and the ThinkFoodGroup restaurants.  That’s how I ended up at Oyamel for brunch one recent weekend.  I just didn’t want another basic brunch at Clyde’s or the other spots around the Verizon Center.  I was in the mood for something a bit different, and I certainly found it. Continue reading

Co Co. Sala Offering Saturday Brunch

Despite the long list of great brunch options in this city, we still have one big brunch problem: too few places offer brunch on Saturday mornings!  How is a brunch-fanatic supposed to try all of the great restaurants in the area if she is restricted to one morning a weekend?  Well, we can now add one more restaurant to the list of places that understand this dilemma.

Starting this Saturday, Co Co. Sala will offer their chocolate-inspired brunch from 11 am – 2:30 pm.  It’s been a while since I have reviewed their brunch, but I have been there for happy hour and dinner several times sense and can promise that the chocolate-covered bacon is still fabulous.  As is the chocojito…