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brunch at Masa 14


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Masa 14 has only been serving brunch for a couple of months but it has already become known as one of the best deals in the city.  Usually when you hear “all you can eat” you get a buffet in which the majority of offerings are far drop the quality from what they would be had they been made to order.  Well, that’s not what you are getting at Masa 14.  When they say it, they mean unlimited ordering from a large menu of small plates and drinks…which is a deal that is so good, there is no way it can last.  For $35 you can eat your heart out while enjoying unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, bellinis and lemon lagers.  I highly recommend not planning anything else for your day after this brunch because you will leave so full that you will have energy for nothing more than a long nap. Continue reading

brunch at Bar Pilar

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It’s been a busy couple of months for me, especially over at The Hill is Home, which is my lame way of giving an excuse for my lack of reviews over here.  But with the New Year comes a renewed devotion to my love for brunch.  And with old friends in town for the holidays, I knew I could kick it off right.

We picked Bar Pilar for our New Year’s brunch — it is one of those brunches that is always recommended around U Street, but I somehow never made the time to stop by.  It’s been high on my list ever since I ran an informal poll on where to find the best Bloody Mary in the city, as it was nominated far more than any other place for a reliably perfect Bloody.  And an added bonus: their Bacon Bloody Mary, which is served with three large pieces of bacon in it.  One sip and I knew my friends had it right — that was one of the best I have had in DC. Continue reading

brunch at Eatonville

With the cool weather also comes cravings for warm comfort food. So Eatonville was welcome suggestion from one of my friend’s this weekend.  I love Eatonville but had only been there for dinner until this past weekend.  The food and drinks generally hit the spot, and the lively and warm atmosphere makes me feel right at home.

The brunch menu is about what you would expect from a restaurant that serves Southern comfort food — lots of grits, seafood and spices. I started off with a beermosa…I had heard that they had a bottomless beermosa deal but had yet to get an explanation of what, exactly, is in it. I know know it’s a frozen mason jar of Haywire Hefeweizen with some fresh OJ.  It was good but I don’t know that I would have wanted more than one or two — I guess I am forever a classic mimosa girl.  Something to keep in mind if you go here for brunch: the bottomless drink deal is only served at the bar, not at the tables.  Continue reading

brunch at Birch and Barley

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out the new bunch menu at Birch & Barley along with the bloggers from Capital Spice, Mango Tomato, Adventures in Shaw, and The Arugula Files. I had never had a meal with so many other foodies before and found it to be one of the more delicious and entertaining experiences I’ve had in a while.  Sangeetha, who works at the PR firm that coordinated the brunch, ordered a pitcher of the Brunch Punch for the table, as well as the homemade sticky buns and homemade donuts to pass around while we decided on our main courses. As each plate came, cameras came out and the photographs began. I am sure the people around us thought we were all crazy, but once you see the pictures you will understand – the food was begging to be captured.  It was a rainy morning and I overslept, so I forgot my camera but there are plenty of great ones from Olga of Mango Tomato and Mary of The Arugula Files.  Warning: they will make your mouth water. Continue reading

brunch at Ben's Next Door

The problem with there being so few weekends and so many restaurants is that it’s hard to get to all of the places I want to try, and many get pushed down so far on my list that I forget about them.  When I put together the Bottomless Brunch Drinks List, I was reminded of several places that have been on my to do list for far too long.  Ben’s Next Door is one of those places, but it was well worth the wait.

I love Ben’s Chili Bowl – the autographed pictures in cheap frames, the old tables and chairs that are always wobbly, the lack of frills, the eclectic crowd, greasy smell and feel, everything.  Ben’s Next Door goes with a more upscale look and feel, but maintains an old DC history vibe with historical and political photos, paintings, and portraits on the walls – only in fancier frames than you’d find in its sister restaurant.  And while it’s upscale, it still feels comfortable and cozy, which fits well with a menu that includes so much comfort food. Continue reading

brunch at Busboys & Poets


I am somewhat ashamed to admit that even though I have now been back in DC for 6.5 years, last week was the first time I ever made it to Busboys and Poets. I had heard nothing but good things about it, but that section of northwest is one I just don’t make it to for much beyond occasional quick trips to stores like Home Rule. And after 6 years, I managed to go to Busboys and Poets twice in less than a week – last Wednesday for a concert by Likeness to Lily, and this past Sunday for brunch.

From the moment I walked in last Wednesday, I knew I would love this place. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, whether sitting on the couches on their computers, browsing in the book store, or sitting at tables for dinner. The music, lighting, and general vibe of the patrons gave the whole place a really great energy. Arriving for a late Sunday brunch, I found the same energetic, inviting feel. It’s the kind of place where you can come for a drink and some food and know that you can relax and enjoy yourself for some time after your meal. The perfect place to meet a friend who you want to catch up with without being rushed out too quickly.

The brunch menu was very basic but very good. And along with the classics (eggs benedict, waffles, pancakes, eggs-cook-your-way) they offered vegan and vegetarian options, something not as common on menus in this city. It was a simple eggs and grits kind of day for me, and everything hit the spot….including the bill which came in under $15 for just the two entrees.

I have not heard as much about their two other locations (the new location at 5th and K NW, and the location in Arlington), but if they are anything like the U Street spot, I will certainly be stopping by soon. If you have any feed back about the other locations, please let me know in the comments!