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brunch at Creekside Café

I recently escaped the DC summer humidity for the mountains of Colorado to visit an old friend who is living in Steamboat.  After a long – and breathtaking gorgeous – hike on Thursday, we woke up on Friday famished.  So after some coffee and enjoying our mountain-top view, we headed into town to Creekside Café, which serves breakfast all day long.

The weather was too perfect to be indoors so we waiting for a table on their patio which is surrounded by trees and flowers, and next to…a creek.  Original name, right?  We settled in to look over the menu and debated lunch or breakfast – it was almost noon on a Friday so we were split but breakfast won us all over.  Since I can’t resist a good combo plate, I ordered the French toast, bacon, eggs and grits.  My friends order the pancakes and the corn beef hash and plenty of coffee all around.

Creekside is really known in town for its eggs benedict.  With about a dozen options, you can enjoy just about any twist on the classic dish that you can imagine.  Salmon, salmon, chorizo, turkey and brie, black beans, avocado, crab cakes.  I would have been more than happy to have had breakfast there every day of my trip just so I could try them all. Continue reading


view of Barcelona from Parc Guell

Vacations, it what gets me through the work week.  Okay, not the only thing — I do love my job, but I also love traveling and life is too short to focus on nothing but work, blogging and brunching.  So last weekend I took advantage of a great opportunity to go to Barcelona for a long weekend of sightseeing and to visit a friend who is in grad school there.

So, the highlights… Continue reading

brunch at Stanley Restaurant in New Orleans


image by alykat on Flickr

For Thanksgiving this year my family and I headed to New Orleans to visit my mom’s relatives.  Every few years we go down for a big visit to see our relatives…and to enjoy a lot of great food.  There are a lot of things NOLA does well and food arguably tops the list.

While we have a few old favorites that we almost always visit, we try to go to a few new places each time we go down.  And on this last visit we hit the jackpot —  Stanley Restaurant.  My sister declared it to be one of the best brunches she has ever had, and I have a hard time disagreeing. Continue reading

brunch in Peru

Okay, I didn’t actually have brunch in Peru.  From my experience, brunch isn’t quite as big in other countries as it is in the US.  But I did go to Peru, and have been very busy catching up on work and life since I have been back, which is my lame excuse for neglecting my brunch reviews.

A year or so ago, my sister encouraged me to make a “30 Things Before You’re 30″ list.  I started it, but quickly decided to make it a bucket list with no hard deadlines since a year didn’t seem like enough time to get such an ambitious list done.  But I figured I should pick one cool thing to do before my 30th birthday this summer.  Hiking Machu Picchu stood out as a perfect choice — they are restricting access to the trail and ruins more and more every year, which means it will likely become harder to secure permits to enter the trail;  I’m in good enough health to not worry (too much) about my ability to survive a four-day hike; and I have very few responsibilities keeping me from taking off to another country for a week and a half. Continue reading

Permanent Brunch

permanentbrunchLast year I wrote about a restaurant that would be opening up in New York City that had two of the best concepts I could imagine: it always serves brunch, and it has an entire list of bacon to choose from.  Well, the wait is over!  Permanent Brunch has officially opened it’s doors!  I don’t think I’ll be able to get up to NY until October, but I already know where I’m going to want to eat while I’m there.

For a full review of the new restaurant, I’d recommend I Heart Brunch.