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Family, Food and Thanksgiving

I never liked Thanksgiving growing up.  I got bored watching football, I didn’t enjoy cooking, and I was a terribly picky eater who didn’t like much of anything on the table at dinner time.  I really just wanted macaroni and cheese.  My love for the mac & cheese hasn’t gone away but, thankfully, I have come to my senses on everything else around this holiday.  Especially as I’ve gotten more comfortable in the kitchen.

For my family, holidays have always centered around food.   Actually, almost everything centers around food for us.  I was one of those kids who was actually expected to sit at a table and eat with my family.  Every night.  And with rules that the TV could not be on and the phone would not be answered.  I hated it at the time but I love my parents now for torturing me with such love.

So at the holidays, the focus on food is always magnified 10 fold.  You stress over the menu weeks in advance and you plan evenings to test out new recipes so they are perfected in time for the holiday meal.  And when you sit down to the big dinner, there’s enough food to feed the neighborhood…or to at least stock the freezer full of leftover to last you through the winter.  Continue reading