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Thanksgiving Leftovers for Breakfast: Turkey Croquettes

Thanksgiving Spread

photo by CarbonNYC on Fickr

This next recipe uses turkey, mashed potatoes and can be topped with cranberry sauce.  From Martha Stuart: Turkey Croquettes.

Familiar dishes return, cleverly camouflaged as these croquettes, which are formed from turkey and mashed potatoes and served with cranberry sauce on the side.

Thanksgiving Leftovers for Breakfast: Challah French Toast with Cranberry Sauce

image by Mango & Tomato

If you happen to have some leftover cranberries from your Thanksgiving feast, I’d definitely recommend this french toast recipe from Olga at Mango & Tomato.

Very simple and a perfect use of some of those leftovers!  To make it even easier, try making the french toast in the oven instead of the skillet — then you can spend some more time with family, or curing up back in bed or on the couch while you enjoy a lazy morning!  Be sure to top it with any leftover whipped cream from your pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Leftovers for Breakfast: Turkey Hash

Thanksgiving brings family, friends, and lots of food…and generally a lot of leftover turkey.  Aside from the usual dishes – sandwiches, gumbo, stew, and more sandwiches – how about we have some fun with breakfast recipes?  First up, turkey hash.  Thrillist got the recipe from Acadiana’s Brant Tesky.

Recipe can be found here. Continue reading