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brunch at Le Pain Quotidien

I didn’t give much thought to  Le Pain Quotidien when it first opened — it’s very pricey and seemed like just another upscale chain that gets a lot of hype because of its menu of fresh and organic meals. But over the last year I have found that it has become one of my neighborhood standbys for early breakfasts on Saturday mornings, as well as healthy lunches or a place for an afternoon meeting over a cup of tea.

Most Saturday mornings my sister and her daughter have breakfast there before going to Eastern Market to buy vegetables for the week.  And on mornings when I am up early enough, I join them for some girl time.  The menu provides a great selection of healthy but filling items for breakfast, and they have a pretty good kids menu that my niece loves…although it may also be the quality time with the girls that she really likes so much. Continue reading

brunch at 3 Bar and Grill

Anyone who knows me well knows that there was no way I would miss out on 3 Bar & Grill’s bacon week two years in a row.  A friend who loves bacon about as much as I do emailed me excitedly about trying out there brunch as soon as he saw that they were bringing back bacon week for a second year.

While they make a special bacon-filled menu for other meals, they only have one special item at brunch — the bacon-studded waffle.  While you can get bacon with just about any brunch dish, I was hoping for a little more creativity.  We ordered some Bacon Bloody Marys and decided to check out the full menu.

We both ordered egg dishes and decided to split the bacon-studded waffle as a dessert.  I felt sick when I left because I was so full, but it was all in the name of a well-rounded review, right?  Continue reading

brunch at Farmers & Fishers

Sometimes brunch is more about the company and atmosphere than it is about the food and restaurant.  I have had plenty of brunches that, if only judged on food, would not be much to write about.  But some places, even when the food isn’t the most amazing, are worth recommending.

I met a friend for brunch last weekend and wanted to pick a place with a nice patio that was half way between our houses.  Georgetown seemed perfect, and the waterfront even better on such a gorgeous morning.  So we decided to give Farmers and Fishers a try, even though it has a buffet, which I am generally very wary of.  But on the Georgetown waterfront, it’s your best best.  The tables line the large center fountain just off of the boardwalk, and on a sunny Sunday morning, it’s the perfect place to start your day. Continue reading

brunch at the Biergarten Haus

When we made plans to go to the Biergarten Haus for brunch, I couldn’t help but wonder what I was in for.  German food is not a cuisine I crave very often — I don’t like cabbage and always choose bacon over sausage.  While I still don’t like cabbage and schnitzle all that much, the Biergarten Haus has some good things going for it.

First off, if you have not yet been to the Biergarten Haus and sat at one of the many outdoor tables, you’re missing out.  They have a large tent set up, as well as large umbrellas over another section of tables, so the outside can be comfortably used rain or shine.  And as for the beer — yes, it’s a bit on the pricey side but that’s because you’re getting a great selection of German beers offered in many sizes, including the large liter stein.  And for an added bonus, there are large screens set up outside playing the big games, which will make the Biergarten a great choice during football season.  Continue reading

brunch at Art and Soul

There are two reasons I recommend Art and Soul: it has a great patio, and you can bring your dog.  However, if you want to enjoy a Sunday brunch on their patio while sipping a Bloody Mary, don’t go before 11 am.  Our reservations were at 10:30 since my friend needed to catch a flight right after, and we had to sit inside and were sadly denied drinks while we perused the menu.  I can’t really fault them since the 11 am rule is likely due to their sidewalk and liquor license, but I will remember to ask for a later reservation next time.  I generally wouldn’t care so much but was a gorgeous morning in the mid 80’s, which felt 200 times more amazing since our summer has comprised of heat indexes in the triple digits. Continue reading

Outdoor Brunch Guide

photo by rachaelvoorhees on Flickr

I put together this list some time ago but with temperatures stubbornly staying in the high-90s — with heat indexes in the triple digits — eating outside hasn’t seemed all that appealing.  But now that the weekend forecast is showing highs in the upper 80’s, it’s time to take advantage of the many great patios around the city!  This is far from a complete list — I have focused on places with larger outdoor seating areas instead of those places with three or four sidewalk tables — but this should get you started.  Keep in mind that most restaurants’ outdoor seating is first come first serve, so arrive early or be prepared to wait in line. Continue reading

brunch at Blue Duck Tavern

I had heard great things about the brunch at Blue Duck Tavern from several people, so I decided to make reservations and treat my dad to a Father’s Day brunch.  The menu left both of our mouths watering and it seemed like a great place to celebrate and spend some quality time catching up.

Coincidentally, we were seated next to an old high school friend of mine who was in town for the weekend and having brunch with her father.  She happily recommended her crabmeat omelet and the scrambled eggs with rock shrimp that her dad ordered, as well as the drinks. Continue reading

brunch at the Chart House

I recently put together a list of outdoor brunch spots around the DC area for Washingtonian Magazine.  I’m not sure if it will be published or not but either way, I’ll share it here soon — although with temperatures in the high 90s, it’s a tad hot to eat outside lately.  In an attempt to cover as many neighborhoods as possible, I solicited the advice of friends and came up with a long list of brunch spots with great patios that I have never tried.  Which is how the Chart House in Old Town rose to the top of my list of new places to try for brunch on a recent weekend.

It was a bit too steamy out to eat on the deck, but we were treated to a great view of the river from our table.  On a day with slightly less humidity, I would like to go back and sit right on the water — a feature of their large patio that can be hard to beat around here.  DC and Virginia have lovely waterfront areas but they are small, so good outdoor seating along the water can be hard to find. Continue reading

brunch at Cashion’s Eat Place

Generally when people think of brunch in Adams Morgan, they think of Perry’s or The Diner.  But on and off that main stretch of 18th Street are a number of great, smaller places worth checking out, including some that are well known for dinner but forgotten for brunch.  One of those places that I think is too often overlooked is Cashion’s Eat Place. Continue reading

New Spring Brunch at Tallula

Whenever people ask me for brunch recommendations in Arlington, Tallula is always at the top of my list.  I wasn’t able to make a blogger brunch this past weekend, which featured the new spring brunch menu, but DCist did!  Click through to see some yummy pictures and the menu.  I’m definitely craving a Nutella-glazed donut now…