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brunch at Jackson 20

For my birthday brunch, I decided to finally try out Jackson 20 in Old Town.  I had been hearing good things, and most of my friends who were joining me that morning lived in Virginia, so the location was perfect.  It was also one of very few spots I could think of in Virginia that offers bottomless mimosas on a Saturday and that could to accommodate a large group.

The restaurant knew it was my birthday and were more than prepared for a large and festive group.  One of my friends had just finished arguing her grad school thesis the day before, so brunch was really day two of celebrating for most of our group.  Our server did a great job of keeping our mimosa glasses full, bringing out the food all at the same time, and making us feel as though we were welcome to stay all afternoon if we wanted. Continue reading

Eamonn’s Deep Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs

Image by Thrillist

One of my favorite things about Easter is Cadbury Creme Eggs.  I know that many people think that they are weird and gross, and I really do not want to know what makes that creme filling, but I love them.  And this year, I got to experience them in a whole new day…Deep fried.

Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper in Old Town has a whole list of “deep fried confectioneries” on its menu — Milky Ways, Snickers, Mars, bananas and classic dough — and for Easter it has added my favorite seasonal treat.  So when I happened to be in Old Town for a friend’s birthday brunch last weekend, I decided to stop in after our manicures.  Continue reading

Fontaine Caffe and Creperie

Crepes have always been one of my favorite dishes.  Sweet or savory, I love them for any meal.  So a couple of weekends ago when I caught up with one of my favorite brunch buddies for brunch in Old Town, we headed to Fontaine Caffe and Creperie, a place I have heard recommended by a number of people, and for good reason.

As with all of my favorite places in Old Town, Fontaine Caffe was absolutely charming.  Tucked between several small store fronts on South Royal Street, right off of King Street, it’s a quaint little two-room restaurant that embraces the old architecture of its building and neighborhood. Continue reading

brunch at the Chart House

I recently put together a list of outdoor brunch spots around the DC area for Washingtonian Magazine.  I’m not sure if it will be published or not but either way, I’ll share it here soon — although with temperatures in the high 90s, it’s a tad hot to eat outside lately.  In an attempt to cover as many neighborhoods as possible, I solicited the advice of friends and came up with a long list of brunch spots with great patios that I have never tried.  Which is how the Chart House in Old Town rose to the top of my list of new places to try for brunch on a recent weekend.

It was a bit too steamy out to eat on the deck, but we were treated to a great view of the river from our table.  On a day with slightly less humidity, I would like to go back and sit right on the water — a feature of their large patio that can be hard to beat around here.  DC and Virginia have lovely waterfront areas but they are small, so good outdoor seating along the water can be hard to find. Continue reading

brunch at Overwood

One area of the DC metropolitian area I simply do not visit enough is Old Town.  The only thing that really hold me back is accessibility – parking is tough and it’s a pain to get to by public transportation.  But once I am there I don’t want to leave.  It’s charming, full of great stores, and it offers a great selection of restaurants.

This past weekend a friend suggested Overwood for brunch.  I had never heard of it but was promised a great meal.  They definitely did not disappoint.  Their brunch menu offers a selection of classic brunch dishes, a few with a twist, as well as several lunch and salad options for those brunch guests who aren’t in the mood for breakfast food. Continue reading

brunch at Vermillion

Guest post by Brian

Last Saturday the weather was really amazing, perfect weather for the new Capitol Hill visitor’s center to open along with a Prop. 8 protest on the mall – so a couple friends and I decided to head over to Old Town and hit up Vermillion for brunch. Vermillion is an old haunt of mine, back from the days when I worked a block away and it was the official bar of Frank Luntz employees and the unofficial satellite office…

But anyway back to brunch. The atmosphere was soft and slightly loungy – the nice way it is during day but without any crowd or line to get in. Meandering over to the bar to meet the one friend who had preceded two of us in getting there, I noticed most of the tables were empty and that college football was nicely displayed on their screens (unfortunately my Hokies had already lost on the Thursday night game). The bloody mary’s were not amazing but not bad – two olives separated by a lime wedge on top.

Unfortunately, the menu had been recently updated and the steak benedict one friend was looking forward to eating again was no longer on the menu. The slightly soured disposition due to the Benedictine banishment immediately vanished with the appearance of a butternut squash soup one of us had ordered as an appetizer. The menu’s description also included york apple, crushed amaretti cookies & pumpkin seed oil in its ingredients but I was more concerned with its consistency which was as perfect as I had seen for a squash soup.

For entries we tried the 3 farm eggs, the monte cristo sandwich, and chef’s “scrapple.” I had the chef’s “scrapple” myself – partially out of curiosity over the necessity of quotation marks around scrapple in their menu. I of course asked about it first before ordering and was told that it was a non-standard scrapple – looser than normal I was told – and which it was. Its consistency closer to slightly runny, underneath two eggs (I had them scrambled), and above two slices of sourdough – I thought it was rather good. And I will admit, about halfway through I abandoned my fork to create an ad hoc sandwich with the two pieces of toast resulting in an all in all win.

Both the 3 egg dish and monte cristo were fairly standard fair – not bad but not particularly amazing. Although I will note this: the monte cristo did have adequate basil on it. Skimping on sufficient full basil leaves to cover the sandwich is a sin in my book – and one that Vermiliion need not pay penance. The meal overall nice and you can check the brunch menu here on Vermillion’s website. Hopefully in the future my friend’s steak benedict will make a reappearance – but in the meantime the menu, while not expansive, is decent and the experience more dependent on your company than cuisine.