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brunch at Le Pain Quotidien

I didn’t give much thought to  Le Pain Quotidien when it first opened — it’s very pricey and seemed like just another upscale chain that gets a lot of hype because of its menu of fresh and organic meals. But over the last year I have found that it has become one of my neighborhood standbys for early breakfasts on Saturday mornings, as well as healthy lunches or a place for an afternoon meeting over a cup of tea.

Most Saturday mornings my sister and her daughter have breakfast there before going to Eastern Market to buy vegetables for the week.  And on mornings when I am up early enough, I join them for some girl time.  The menu provides a great selection of healthy but filling items for breakfast, and they have a pretty good kids menu that my niece loves…although it may also be the quality time with the girls that she really likes so much. Continue reading

More Hill News: Finn MacCool's, Lola's, Papa John's, Matchbox and more

More news about closings and openings on the Hill, from CHAMPS (Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals).  This email update doesn’t mention Matchbox but I have heard rumors that it will be open right around Thanksgiving. Thanks to my roommate for passing along the tips!

Bread and Choco is becoming Le Pain Quotidien lepainquotidien.com

Marty’s is bccoming Cava - cavamezze.com

I am 99% sure Montmarte is expanding into the Ben & Jerry’s space.
BTW, free ice cream on Ben & Jerry’s last day

Finn’s has been bought by the owner of Lola’s. From what I
understand, it will remain an Irish bar — just getting a menu
overhaul etc.

We have a new Thai place, Sanphan (I think I’m spelling that
correctly) on the 600 blk of Penn – just down from CVS.

We also have a Papa Johns now!? 914 11th St., SE 544-7272

We have an Italian restaurant going into the two spaces on 7th, SE
that were previously occupied by A&A Athletics and Dottie’s. Not sure
who the owner is at this point.

Another new restaurant going into Barracks Row – 8th Street Bar and
Grill – going into the space occupied by Capitol Hill Sporting Goods.

I think that’s everything, but will keep everyone updated of anything
else I hear about.

So Long Bread & Chocolate, Hello Le Pain Quotidien


While Bread and Chocolate was always packed in the weekends, it really never appealed to me in any way.  I never once had brunch there and don’t really feel like I missed out anything.  I did buy something from there once years ago, but it definitely didn’t impress me enough to go back.

Great news for anyone who was hoping for some newer options at Eastern Market!  Le Pain Quotidien, a Belgian chain that focuses on fresh and organic, will be moving into the corner space at 7th and Penn.  No word yet on when they will be opening, but renovations have already begun.

I have not made it to any of Le Pain Quotidien’s other DC-area locations (or gotten the pronunciation down yet…) but I have heard very good things from people who have eaten there.  It’s pricey but you get very good food for your money.

Another closing that was announced recently, that I am quite sad about: Ben & Jerry’s is closing on November 30, leaving the Baskin-Robbins on 8th Street as our only ice cream shop on the Hill.  Maybe this will be better for my waistline?  Montemartre will be expanding into the space where Ben & Jerry’s was.  City Desk explains the closing in more detail.