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brunch at The Atlas Room

The Atlas Room is one of the more upscale dining options on H Street, with romantic lighting, dark walls and intimate tables.  And on a Sunday morning, with the sun streaming in through the front window, it’s also a cheery place to sip a drink and enjoy brunch with friends or family.

My mom, sister, niece and I stopped in a couple of weeks ago for a belated Mother’s Day brunch, lucking into a table right as they opened at 11:30.  The restaurant quickly filled up around us with couples, small groups of friends, and families.

Much like their dinner menu, just about everything listed made my mouth water.  From Grand Mariner French Toast to pork hash and eggs, to sweet polenta, to biscuits and gravy — we all had a very difficult time deciding what to order.  Continue reading

brunch at The Pug

After hearing rumors about its delicious hangover hash for some time now, I decided to make my way over to The Pug on a recent lazy Sunday morning.  What better place to spend a weekend morning when you are in the mood to do nothing more than to wear your oldest, comfiest sweatshirt and not care how messy your hair looks in a ponytail?  H Street is known well for its nightlife, and now it’s becoming known as the place to return to for your morning recovery. Continue reading

Granville Moore’s brunch expanding to Sundays

As I mentioned in my previous review, Granville Moore’s was aiming to expand their brunch to Sundays some time in February.  It looks like they got everything in order soon enough to kick it off this weekend.  You can now wash down that hangover with a Bloody Mary and frites on Saturday AND Sunday.  Enjoy! Continue reading

brunch at Granville Moore’s

Not long after Granville Moore’s first opened, it started experimenting with brunch by offering it once a month.  I was very excited for it, since the restaurant had quickly become one of my favorite additions to H Street, but they didn’t keep it up for very long, as they wanted to turn their focuses to other aspects of their business at the time.  But I think they knew they had the right foundation for something good, and now, a year and a half later, they have finally launched a Saturday brunch that is a great addition to H Street.   Yes, Saturday, tapping into a day of the weekend when too few places open early to serve breakfast.  And starting in February, they will also start serving brunch on Sundays. Continue reading

brunch at the Biergarten Haus

When we made plans to go to the Biergarten Haus for brunch, I couldn’t help but wonder what I was in for.  German food is not a cuisine I crave very often — I don’t like cabbage and always choose bacon over sausage.  While I still don’t like cabbage and schnitzle all that much, the Biergarten Haus has some good things going for it.

First off, if you have not yet been to the Biergarten Haus and sat at one of the many outdoor tables, you’re missing out.  They have a large tent set up, as well as large umbrellas over another section of tables, so the outside can be comfortably used rain or shine.  And as for the beer — yes, it’s a bit on the pricey side but that’s because you’re getting a great selection of German beers offered in many sizes, including the large liter stein.  And for an added bonus, there are large screens set up outside playing the big games, which will make the Biergarten a great choice during football season.  Continue reading

Capital Spice reviews brunch at the Argonaut

I’ve mentioned before that the Argonaut is a great brunch place before, especially for larger groups with kids.  While I wasn’t blown away by the food I was won over by the general feel of the place and bloody mary bar.  After reading Capital Spice‘s recent review, I think I need to give the food another chance.

Click through for their full review: Argonaut: You Can’t Spell Brunch Without “Arrrrrrrggghhh!”

Cupcakes, pies, boxing, music and more at H Street Festival this weekend!

hstreetfestivalIf you don’t have plans for Saturday afternoon yet, add this to your calendar:  H Street Festival is back and it sounds like it will be bigger and better than ever!  Among the many many things planned, Curbside Cupcakes (which will soon be delivering in DC) and Dangerously Delicious Pies (which will soon be opening on H Street) will both be debuting their tasty treats.

Other reasons to come:

  • Rock and Roll Hotel has a full line up of bands and a DJ
  • Palace of Wonders is reportedly putting on a family-friendly version of their burlesque show.  Maybe some of their sword swallowers will be walking around too?
  • The Pug is sponsoring a boxing ring with our local Nomis Gym and Babie Doll Productions.
  • The H Street Country Club will have piñatas in the alley next to their restaurant and mini-golf tournament inside.
  • More than 15 Art Cars will be on display
  • While Biergarten Haus (the new beer garden) won’t open for months, the owner is building a German beer garden in front of his under-construction restaurant at 1355 H.

That’s all just a taste of what you’ll find.  Lots of vendors and other entertainment will be filling up H Street NE between 10th and 14th Street.  Free shuttle bus service from Union Station and Chinatown will be available as well as free shuttles from Eastern Market (I’m waiting for more info on this).  There will also be free bike valet service available.  So come on down from noon-6pm!

The H Street Country Club will have piñatas in the alley next to their restaurant and mini-golf tournament inside.

brunch at the Argonaut

A very old and dear family friend was recently visiting from Austria with her three young kids, and we needed a place for brunch where a large group that included 5 kids (ages 1-14) could comfortably fit.  Staying on the Hill was also ideal since that’s where everyone in our huge group was staying/living, so the Argonaut seemed like a great fit – we also got the added bonus of showing an old friend who used to live here and example of how much the neighborhood has been changing. Continue reading

brunch at Sticky Rice

stickyriceEver since first hearing that Sticky Rice was going to start serving brunch, I have been trying to find someone  to go with me to try it.  I love their sushi menu, which includes a lot of unique rolls, and their brunch menu looked just as interesting. Continue reading

brunch at Granville Moore's

granvillemooresGranville Moore’s only serves brunch once a month but it sure is worth the wait.  This has been one of my favorite spots for a relaxing beer and food ever since it opened.  They have a great beer list, some of the best fries in town, and excellent mussels (chef, Teddy Folkman, won in an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay with his blue cheese and bacon muscles).

I think their brunch was my family’s favorite so far.  The menu was not your classic brunch menu.  Instead, it tapped into the items that have made their dinner menu such a draw.  They had lamb steak and eggs, cast iron bison hash, biscuits and bison-sausage gravy, an egg top sandwich with applewood bacon, duck confit fritata, and a pork breakfast burrito.  Great comfort food for a cold rainy morning.

Hopefully their brunch will become a more regular event, but for now you can find upcoming dates at their website.