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Brunch at Bandolero

It seems to be taking less and less time for new trendy restaurants to get enough into their groove to start opening for brunch. The latest one to jump into the brunch scene is Mike Isabella’s Bandolero in Georgetown.  Along with their usual Mexican-influenced small plates, they added a few brunch-inspired dishes.  That is to say, add a poached or fried egg on top.  So simple yet so good.  Continue reading

brunch at Leopold’s Kafe

Between 33rd and 34th Streets on M Street is this somewhat hidden courtyard of stores and restaurants called Cady’s Alley.  Even with a large sign at the entrance, it’s easy to walk by and miss this little area, which is one reason it’s taken me so long to try out a popular brunch spot that is located there.  But its hidden and quite nature also makes it a wonderful retreat from the fast-paced traffic along Georgetown’s M Street.

Leopold’s Kafe has been a local favorite for years and was featured as a top breakfast spot in WETA’s Breakfast in Washington special.  Their coffee is supposed to be some of the best in town and their pastry counter can leave you wondering why there are still such long lines at Georgetown Cupcake at any given hour. Continue reading

brunch at Farmers & Fishers

Sometimes brunch is more about the company and atmosphere than it is about the food and restaurant.  I have had plenty of brunches that, if only judged on food, would not be much to write about.  But some places, even when the food isn’t the most amazing, are worth recommending.

I met a friend for brunch last weekend and wanted to pick a place with a nice patio that was half way between our houses.  Georgetown seemed perfect, and the waterfront even better on such a gorgeous morning.  So we decided to give Farmers and Fishers a try, even though it has a buffet, which I am generally very wary of.  But on the Georgetown waterfront, it’s your best best.  The tables line the large center fountain just off of the boardwalk, and on a sunny Sunday morning, it’s the perfect place to start your day. Continue reading

brunch at the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons decided to celebrate its one year birthday on Twitter (do we call that a tweetday?) by inviting some local bloggers to sample their latest seasonal brunch menu at Seasons.  And what a treat!  There is something about brunch with a table food of foodies that is just so entertaining and fun.

The Sunday brunch features pretty much anything you could possibly crave, laid out among countless buffet tables around the room.  You know how I feel about buffets — warm breakfast items just don’t do well buffet-style.  But that’s where Seasons got it right.  If you want something like eggs or pancakes, they make them to order instead of letting them suffer under a heat lamp.  Their buffet tables instead feature foods that actually do well served in large quantities, heated under lamps and warmed by chafing dishes.

The first table, The Tuscan Grill, had skirt steak, chicken spiedini, and grilled shrimp.  Then you could move on to the Barbque Shack for items such as ribs, deviled eggs, pulled pork sliders, or smoked brisket with apple bourbon glaze.  In the mood for seafood?  They have you covered: scallops, lobster rolls, crab claws, salmon, gazpacho, and much more.  They also have a table of fruit, a table of cheese, as well as one with salads and cold vegetables, and a selection of grilled vegetables.  And, of course, they have a table of breakfast sides such as bacon, sausage, and potatoes, as well as baby crab cakes and steamed bok-choy soy with sesame oil.  But pace yourself, because there is also a side room full of desserts. Continue reading

brunch at News Cafe

I first went to News Cafe Italian Kitchen several years ago for dinner on a date. It’s a cute little Italian restaurant with very good food, although I feel like the atmosphere would be improved by removing a few tables. It’s so tight in some spots that you can have as close a conversation to the couple at the next table than to the person across from you. But as I said, the food is good and it is pretty charming inside, so when a friend suggested it for brunch, I was quick to jump at the chance to go again.

The brunch menu had my mouth watering as soon as I saw it – everything from crepes to omelets to waffles or pancakes. I was craving something a little sweet so I chose the waffles topped with fresh berries and fresh whipped cream….piled twice the high of my waffle. Delicious. My friend got a cheese omelet that was one of the most beautifully cooked I have seen in a long time.

We got there right at 11 and the place was almost deserted, but by the time we left after noon, there was a line out the door. So go early or be ready for a bit of a wait for a table!