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Eastern Market Reopens Today!

More than two years after a fire destroyed Eastern Market, the big reopening is finally here!  The fire was devastating to Hill residents – the market was the heart of the neighborhood, and losing it was like losing part of our homes.  My mom owned a toy store across from it when I was growing up, so my earliest memories include the old market.  Needless to say, waking up to live footage of the flames was heartbreaking.  Thankfully, the community and city rallied around the historic site and renovated it to something more beautiful than any of us remember.

The Market officially opens today, with a ribbon cutting at 10:30.   The official celebration will be tomorrow, so come on by!  I was asked to volunteer as a docent and will be giving tours of the Market from 2pm until 4pm.

In training to be a docent, I learned more about the history of the market than I ever imagined existed.  If you’re interested in it’s impressive and long history, read my post at TheHillIsHome.com.  And then come get a tour tomorrow to find out even more!EMFlyer