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Easter Brunch Roundup

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Just a few more links and then I’ll finally get to my Birch & Barley review:

  • Chow has a bunch of recipes for what to do with all those leftover Easter eggs…you know, in case Cadbury Cream Eggs Benedict wasn’t for you (via Young & Hungry)
  • Bitches Who Brunch had a Sicilian-style Easter brunch, and shared the recipe to a delicious looking Cassata Cake.

Easter Treats

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A couple of Easter-related links that I had to pass along:

  • Cadbury Cream Eggs Benedict: it sounds so gross but with how much I love Cadbury Cream Eggs, I think I just may have to try it.  It’s really just a dessert version of the brunch dish – they even put a dessert twist on hash browns  (via Serious Eats)
  • If you’re still looking for some inspiration for what to cook if you are hosting Easter brunch, The Kitchn has a great list of recipes.
  • The New York Times also pulled together a collection of their recipes to help you plan your Easter meal.
  • Did you get a few too many Peeps in your Easter basket?  How about some Peeps Krispy Treats (via Serious Eats)

Easter Brunch Guide

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Next to Mother’s Day, I think Easter has to be the second most popular holiday for brunching.  The weather is nice, family is visiting from out of town, and everyone is ready to get out of the house after a cold winter…so why not celebrate over a delicious late-morning meal with your loved ones?  Since people tend to dress up a little more for Easter brunch, and are often entertaining out of town visitors, I’ve compiled some recommendations for a brunch that will impress your entire party with a fantastic menu as well as a fancier ambiance.  I love my comfortable divey places as much as the next girl, but it’s fun to class things up every once in a while!   Be sure to make reservations in advance, and go to the more tourist places — like Old Ebbitt — early to avoid the biggest crowds.

Washingtonian and Metro Mix DC both have good Easter Brunch Guides that are worth checking out as well.  Planning to cook at home?  I have lots of great recipes to try here, here, here, and here.  Or looking for the best drink deals? Try my guide to Bottomless Brunch Drinks around DC.