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Win a complimentary brunch for two at Asia Nine!

The folks at Asia Nine recently invited me to try their new brunch menu, and graciously offered to give away a complimentary brunch for two (excluding drinks and gratuity, and must be redeemed before 1/1/2012) to one of my readers!  All you have to do is leave a comment saying what you love most about brunch, and a winner will be randomly selected on November 21.

If you have yet to stop by for their PAN Asian style tapas brunch, you are in for a treat.  One recommendation: come hungry and do not plan to eat again the rest of the day.  For $25 you get five plates (choose among the rice wraps and tapas) and a dessert – this is definitely a great value for your money.  In addition, mimosas and bloody marys are only $1 each when ordered with the $25 brunch deal. Continue reading

brunch at Lincoln

Lincoln, which has been earning itself quite the reputation for being one of the livelier happy hours in town, is now tackling brunch.  Well, they’ve been serving brunch for a while but now they want to bring the party atmosphere to your Sunday Funday.

More on those plans later — let me start with the food.  Along with a handcrafted waffle and omelet station ($29 for all you can eat; $14 for a single waffle and $11 for an omelet), entrees include eggs Benedict with truffled bearnaise sauce, shrimp and grits with lobster broth, Lincoln Mac & Cheese, a burger, stuffed French toast with plum jam, steak and eggs, grilled cheese with duck confit and Talegia, and “The Big Nasty,” which is buttermilk fried chicken, mac & cheese, a biscuit and gravy.  Plenty of options for a hungry group on a Sunday morning. Continue reading

Calling all fashionista mamas

There are the brunches where you roll out in a baseball cap and your comfiest jeans and t-shirt, and there are the ones where you want to show off a bit of your sense of style and treat it more like a weekend event.  And as I have learned from the many moms in my life, having kids doesn’t mean the end to brunch or the end to showing off some style.  J&G is has two upcoming events that are perfect for those fashionista mamas — if you or your friends are expecting (or have kids) and love fashion, this is something you’ll want to check out. Continue reading

brunch at The Source

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I was recently invited to The Source to try out their new-ish Saturday brunch; this had been on my list since they announced the new offering this summer, but travels and busy weekend schedules had prevented me from getting there until now.  So I was obviously very excited to get the invitation on a weekend I was in town and without brunch plans.  To ensure that we got a bit of everything they have to offer, the chef sent a sampling of several items before our entrees came, so I left very full but excited for a return trip.  I will do my best to summarize everything, but keep in mind that the menu is regularly changed to highlight seasonal foods and new items that the chef is experimenting with. Continue reading

brunch at Cafe Atlantico

To kick off my birthday week, my mom and sister took me to Café Atlantico‘s Latino Dim Sum Brunch on Sunday.  Dim sum for breakfast is not usually my first choice, but I knew better than to say no to Café Atlantico and a menu created by Jose Andres.  My sister gets major bonus points for picking this one — it was easily one of the more interesting and delicious brunches I have had in this city.  Café Atlantico also has a more limited and traditional Saturday brunch (which I am sure is excellent) but if you’re looking to try the Latin Dim Sum menu, be sure to make your reservations for Sunday. (Update: for a review of the Saturday brunch, check out Bitches who Brunch)

I’m not sure I even know where to start with explaining this meal.  If you don’t know anything about Jose Andres, he takes a very unique approach to cooking, incorporating science and techniques that you would not see in a typical kitchen.  He mixes flavors and textures that sound so strange together but are absolutely amazing when you taste them.  The menu can be a bit overwhelming, especially to someone who is not an adventurous eater, but it is worth expanding your horizons for. Continue reading

Co Co. Sala Offering Saturday Brunch

Despite the long list of great brunch options in this city, we still have one big brunch problem: too few places offer brunch on Saturday mornings!  How is a brunch-fanatic supposed to try all of the great restaurants in the area if she is restricted to one morning a weekend?  Well, we can now add one more restaurant to the list of places that understand this dilemma.

Starting this Saturday, Co Co. Sala will offer their chocolate-inspired brunch from 11 am – 2:30 pm.  It’s been a while since I have reviewed their brunch, but I have been there for happy hour and dinner several times sense and can promise that the chocolate-covered bacon is still fabulous.  As is the chocojito…

Brunch Goes to The Dogs at Acadiana

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With the lovely spring weather in DC comes the opening of sidewalk seating and patios around the city, and the chance to bring your dog along for your favorite weekend meal. And starting this month, Acadiana is opening their sidewalk patio to the dogs on Sundays from 11 am until 2:30 pm.  While you enjoy an amazing meal, your pooch can enjoy homemade treats from the “Dog Day” menu.

In case you missed my review of brunch at Acadiana, call over to make some reservations, pack up your dog, and grab a stack of quarters for their parking meter special — 25-cent Bloody Marys and blood orange mimosas.

Mosby's pretty excited about this deal :)

brunch at Acadiana

Acadiana has always been one of my favorite restaurants in DC.  I love southern-style cuisine and they do it really really well.  I hadn’t really thought of it as a place to try for brunch until I came across an announcement in February that they were reducing the price of their pre fixe Jazz Brunch menu and adding the “parking meter” special — 25 cent blood orange mimosas and Bloody Marys.

For $27 dollars you get an appetizer, entree, and dessert, as well as all of the 25 cent mimosas or Bloody Marys you can drink.  For an extra $6 you can also get the all-you-can eat raw bar.  The friend I went with was very excited about that extra addition but decided against it at the last minute, concerned that that the three courses would already be more than enough food.  After seeing how much food was really included in the basic brunch, I’m not sure who could possibly handle the addition of that raw bar special. Continue reading

brunch cooking class at Kellari Taverna

Last weekend I was invited to partake in a brunch cooking class at Kellari Taverna, a new Greek restaurant located in downtown DC.  I love Mediterranean food but have never had a brunch with the cuisine as the focus, so I was excited for the chance to try something new.

They opened the restaurant a bit early for our group and set us up at a big table in front of the kitchen so we could get our hands dirty as the sous-chef showed us how to make number of delicious Greek dishes, including Greek-style french toast and spanakopita.  After an hour and a half of cooking and chatting, we got a tour of the restaurant and their large fish display, and then sat down to our feast.

The restaurant was really lovely, and while it was empty when we were there so early on a Saturday morning, I imagine it can be full of energy at happy hour and dinnertime.  I’m now eager to go back and to try some items on their dinner menu.  They serve brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 am until 4 pm – you can check out the menu here.

Emily, who writes Voila! Adventures in the Kitchen with Emily, has some great pictures of the restaurant and food on her blog.

If you want to try any of these Greek dishes at home, here are the recipes for everything we learned to make:

  • Greek French Toast (the honey syrup was amazing)
  • Eggs Ulysses (poached eggs on lamb patties and pita)
  • Sfougato (a really good baked egg dish that I highly recommend trying)
  • Patates (a potato dish that would be great at any meal)

brunch at Founding Farmers

Considering how much I like everything else at Founding Farmers, I had little doubt I would love their brunch.  Their website still says “Sunday Brunch,” but do they serve brunch on Saturdays, so this is a good place to keep in mind when you want to start your weekend with a fantastic mean — for some reason a of of restaurants still only serve brunch on Sundays, making it difficult to find places for the earlier part of the weekend…a big issue for a brunch-lover like me!

I ordered the Founding Farmers Breakfast: two eggs, thick cut bacon, grits and an English muffin.  The English muffins, by the way, are homemade and fantastic.  The grits were a little creamier than I like but the flavor was right, and the bacon was very good quality and perfectly cooked.  The friend I went with got the sausage, mushroom and spinach pan scramble with the English muffin and hash browns.  We were both stuffed by the end but somehow managed to make room for dessert:  homemade donuts holes, which came with three dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, and what I believe was butterscotch.  I still say Tabard Inn‘s donuts are the best around, but these are a pretty amazing second. Continue reading