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The Donut Maker

Now that everyone has had their fill of cupcakes (and yet the cupcakeries keep opening…) a new food trend seems to be emerging — donuts!  While more and more places are offering delicious house made donuts on their menus, sometimes you may want them at home.

Frying things at home always makes me weary.  It seems dangerous, and not so healthy…and I’m a bit worried that I’ll get the hang of it too easily and will then be tempted to fry up all sorts of things at home, which is just not good for my waistline.  So when saw this donut maker that bakes, instead of fries, mini donuts, it seemed like a great way to get donuts at home without all the grease or mess. Continue reading

Let’s talk about doughnuts

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Cupcakes, gourmet burgers, macaroons, food trucks…there is no shortage of good food trends that DC has embraced. But one of my very favorites has to be doughnuts.

I have always had a weakness when it comes to doughnuts, ever since my first Krispy Kreme. I am clearly not alone, as the area’s restaurants have slowly been tempting me with the promise of homemade doughnuts on their brunch (and dessert) menus. If there is anything of the sort offered at brunch, you know I will order it.

Doughnuts I have tried and highly recommend: Continue reading

brunch at Rustico

In the last couple of years food options in Arlington have increased faster than I can count, and the newest establishments are quickly picking up on the desire of its neighbors to kill a Sunday morning hangover with a delicious brunch.  The latest addition to the area to introduce a brunch menu is Rustico — the well known Alexandria restaurant that has recently opened a location in Ballston.

Coming in to the restaurant from a very cold and windy morning, I was pleased to be greeted by a warm fireplace that quickly helped thaw out my fingers and toes.  I arrived a few minutes before my friends so I took a seat at the very spacious bar while I waited.  There are some nice seats around the fireplace as well but they are placed fairly close together, leaving me to feel like I would be intruding on the conversation of the couple already seated on one of the couches if I sat in one of the adjacent chairs.  The bar was a better spot for people watching anyway.

Rustico has only been serving brunch for two weeks but I knew I wanted to give it a try as soon as I heard that they had homemade doughnuts on the menu.  I have little willpower when it comes to fried dough…and even less when they taste like mini beignets.  Rustico’s ricotta doughnuts, which come out with a mound of powdered sugar, are little balls of deliciousness.  They are also offered on their dessert menu, so you do not have to wait for Sunday morning to enjoy these little treats. Continue reading

brunch at Birch and Barley

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out the new bunch menu at Birch & Barley along with the bloggers from Capital Spice, Mango Tomato, Adventures in Shaw, and The Arugula Files. I had never had a meal with so many other foodies before and found it to be one of the more delicious and entertaining experiences I’ve had in a while.  Sangeetha, who works at the PR firm that coordinated the brunch, ordered a pitcher of the Brunch Punch for the table, as well as the homemade sticky buns and homemade donuts to pass around while we decided on our main courses. As each plate came, cameras came out and the photographs began. I am sure the people around us thought we were all crazy, but once you see the pictures you will understand – the food was begging to be captured.  It was a rainy morning and I overslept, so I forgot my camera but there are plenty of great ones from Olga of Mango Tomato and Mary of The Arugula Files.  Warning: they will make your mouth water. Continue reading

brunch at the Tabard Inn

I first had brunch at the Tabard Inn several years ago and fell in love with the cozy feel of the restaurant, which sits just below the back patio and garden. This place has been on my list to revisit for some time now.

While I was not as in love with the food this time around, I would still recommend it to anyone looking for brunch around Dupont Circle. I got the butternut squash omelet, which had a very interesting taste but was a little bitter and too salty. The cheese grits needed more cheese and were cooked more on the creamy side than I like. My friend got the scrambled eggs with chives and cream cheese – a dish I wish I had ordered. The warm homemade donuts are something to not pass up, as well as the mimosas that are served with a slice of orange. The menu has a lot of very interesting options that keep it on my “revisit” list, because if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that one unsatisfying dish at a place like that usually just means that I ordered poorly for my own tastes.

Reservations are recommended here unless you don’t mind sitting at the bar or having a long wait in their dark lobby, and they will not seat your party until everyone is present.  And remember, don’t forget to order the donuts!