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Wine, Cheese and Bacon Jam at Sona Creamery

imgresTwo of my favorite things are wine and cheese, especially paired together. So I was quite excited to hear about the opening of Sona Creamery on Capitol Hill at 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Little did I know that the wine and cheese were only the start to what my neighborhood’s newest restaurant has to offer.

I noticed their menu posted on the window shortly before officially opening and found my mouth watering as I read the descriptions of some of their small-plate offerings. The dishes featured dates, sweet potatoes, duck, grilled sirloin and more.

On our visit we started with the duck prosciutto salad, the steak and cheese éclairs. The éclairs were stuffed with pimento cheese and topped with a thin slice of steak– very interesting and tasty. The big standout for us was the Sona Fries, which were extra crispy and covered in a house-made mumbo sauce with aioli and house-made cheese curds. Continue reading

Brunch at Box Car Tavern

Photo by María Helena Carey

It’s no secret that I love living on Capitol Hill.  I have almost anything I need walking distance from my house, including a large number of brunch options.  One of the newer additions is Box Car Tavern, which opened last year next to Tunnicliff’s Tavern, providing a second bar/casual dining option offsetting the more upscale Montmartre and Acqua al 2.

I’ve been to Box Car more times that I can count for dinner and drinks but only recently stopped in for brunch.  I was meeting a neighborhood friend, we wanted a place we hadn’t been to for brunch before, and we wanted to we wanted to get in some window shopping around the flea market.  Can you call it window shopping when the stands don’t have windows?  So Box Car was the winner. Continue reading

brunch at Pound

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend going to a coffee shop for brunch.  For a good cup of coffee and muffin?  Sure.  But coffee shops, generally, do not have a proper kitchen set up to handle quality brunch dishes, so you end up with egg and cheese sandwiches that are made using a microwave and Panini-maker.

Well, Pound, the Hill’s newest coffee shop, is a bit different.  If you’ve ever stopped in for lunch and dinner, you know that they do food pretty well.  They love mixing in international flavors and keeping the menu a bit limited so they can focus on the items that they know will really work.  Their approach to brunch is very similar — a selection of 5 dishes that cover a range of flavors and tastes.
Continue reading

brunch at Senart’s Oyster House

When Senart’s Oyster House opened on the Hill, I knew I found a new favorite dinner spot.  The oysters were delicious, the meats were juicy, and the soup was excellent. And then the chef mentioned something about brunch…yes, it was time to come back for another visit.

Senart’s serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am, which is perfect for those weekends that are jam packed with, say, an early afternoon bridal shower in Baltimore, which meant I needed to hit the road by noon.   Continue reading

brunch at Belga Cafe

Belga Cafe is an old favorite of mine on the Hill and one I recommend frequently for brunch in the neighborhood. Two of the best selling points — beyond the great food and atmosphere — is that they serve brunch on Saturdays and they have a great outdoor seating space that is perfect on a warm morning.

Despite this being one of my old favorites, I haven’t reviewed it yet because I’ve been so busy brunching everywhere else. But this last Saturday, Belga ended up being a great place to catch up with an old friend as we juggled our equally crazy schedules. Continue reading

brunch at Le Pain Quotidien

I didn’t give much thought to  Le Pain Quotidien when it first opened — it’s very pricey and seemed like just another upscale chain that gets a lot of hype because of its menu of fresh and organic meals. But over the last year I have found that it has become one of my neighborhood standbys for early breakfasts on Saturday mornings, as well as healthy lunches or a place for an afternoon meeting over a cup of tea.

Most Saturday mornings my sister and her daughter have breakfast there before going to Eastern Market to buy vegetables for the week.  And on mornings when I am up early enough, I join them for some girl time.  The menu provides a great selection of healthy but filling items for breakfast, and they have a pretty good kids menu that my niece loves…although it may also be the quality time with the girls that she really likes so much. Continue reading

brunch at the Chesapeake Room

My brunch at the Chesapeake Room did not start out well.  It was a cold and rainy morning, my friend who was meeting me was running late, and I was on the verge of passing out from hunger — I had gone to the gym when I woke up but not eaten anything after since I was rushing through a few errands before spending the day at the baseball game.  I asked the waitress if I could have some bread or a biscuit while I waited for my friend to join me and got the response “We don’t really do carbs.”  Um, half of the menu is sandwiches.  She took pity and brought me some bread, which was beyond stale.  Maybe the good bread was being saved for those carb-less sandwiches?  I didn’t bother to find out.  Thankfully things turned around once my friend finally made it and we ordered food. Continue reading

brunch at Art and Soul

There are two reasons I recommend Art and Soul: it has a great patio, and you can bring your dog.  However, if you want to enjoy a Sunday brunch on their patio while sipping a Bloody Mary, don’t go before 11 am.  Our reservations were at 10:30 since my friend needed to catch a flight right after, and we had to sit inside and were sadly denied drinks while we perused the menu.  I can’t really fault them since the 11 am rule is likely due to their sidewalk and liquor license, but I will remember to ask for a later reservation next time.  I generally wouldn’t care so much but was a gorgeous morning in the mid 80’s, which felt 200 times more amazing since our summer has comprised of heat indexes in the triple digits. Continue reading

brunch at Fusion Grill

A friend recently emailed me raving about a new brunch option on the Hill and insisted I try it out as soon as possible.  I always love new choices — especially ones that offer a more creative menu, and ones that are not very well known so I can get a table without a reservation or long wait.  So on a recent lazy weekend when I was somehow without brunch plans, I decided to try out Fusion Grill.

Fusion Grill is well known around the Hill for its Asian-fusion menu, and its expansive Chinese menu for quick neighborhood delivery.  For brunch, though, it’s not exactly the first thing that would come to mind.  But a few months ago they set out to change that, developing a menu that is inspired by their Asian focus and the local seasonal foods from neighboring Eastern Market. Continue reading

Breakfast Anytime at Ted’s Bulletin

Ted’s Bulletin, which will be opening this weekend on 8th Street, SE — Capitol Hill’s Barracks Row — put two of my favorite words together on its menu: Breakfast and Anytime.

I had the pleasure of attending a soft opening earlier this week with a fellow writer from The Hill is Home, and I am already excited to go back.  This new restaurant was opened by the folks who brought us Matchbox who have strayed away from pizza and created a place that makes you think of an early 1920’s Prohibition Era coffee and ice cream parlor…but with a very extensive bar that serves up some very creative specialty drinks (the Jesse Clark, with chamomile infused scotch, orange marmalade and chocolate bitters was quite tasty), amazing milkshakes, homemade pastries, and a menu of comfort food that is sure to please.  The decor is all salvaged from the old Philadelphia Convention Center, giving the restaurant a retro and grand look that is more than welcoming from the outside and in.

The menu reminded me of an upscale diner, serving things such as meatloaf, spaghetti and meatballs, sandwiches, chili, and a wide range of breakfast items.  Ooh and the milkshakes.  Samples of these were available at last week’s Taste of 8th event and were delicious.  Along with traditional flavors, there is also an “adult” selection of spiked milkshakes that are dangerously tempting.

On to the important section of the menu: the breakfast menu, which is available all day long. Continue reading