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brunch at Belga Cafe

Belga Cafe is an old favorite of mine on the Hill and one I recommend frequently for brunch in the neighborhood. Two of the best selling points — beyond the great food and atmosphere — is that they serve brunch on Saturdays and they have a great outdoor seating space that is perfect on a warm morning.

Despite this being one of my old favorites, I haven’t reviewed it yet because I’ve been so busy brunching everywhere else. But this last Saturday, Belga ended up being a great place to catch up with an old friend as we juggled our equally crazy schedules. Continue reading

brunch month at Belga Cafe

For the entire month of November, Belga Cafe will be serving its delicious brunch every day of the week.  It’s not every day that you can get good Belgian waffles and crepes in the middle of the week, so I had to share.  You can view the full brunch menu at BelgaCafe.com.