Kitchen Experiments: Super Bowl Chili

The recent cold weather has put me in a mood for warm dishes, such as soups and stews. So for the Super Bowl, I decided to break out my favorite chili recipe. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and, since it’s pretty much just vegetables, it’s a healthy choice too.

This recipe makes a massive batch, but it freezes really well so don’t worry about cooking too much.
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Kitchen Experiments: Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

Ever since my kitchen renovation, that room has become my happy place. But I don’t cook nearly as often as I like since, well, it’s just not as fun to only cook for one or two. And then the other day, a coworker said I needed to bring in baked goods. It was for no other reason than it had been a while since I brought in treats for my team.

And an idea was born. I let my work friends send in requests, and then I get to cook and they get to enjoy! I also immediately rid my kitchen of the tempting treats.

Request number one: Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats from Strudel and Streusel.

Rice Krispie Treats + a coating of melted peanut butter + chocolate = gooey tasty sugary wonderful.

Give Some DC Love This Holiday

I am frequently teased by my friends for how much my DC pride shows through. I proudly state that I am truly from DC and not the ‘burbs, I joked about having the DC flag painted on the roof of my Mini Cooper, and I even sport a DC-shaped necklace on a regular basis.

If you know anyone who has some love for DC too, there are countless gifts that they would surely love to open this holiday season! Here are just a few of the many great items on my list. Continue reading

Smile Pancakes


When your house guests are only 5-years-old, you have an excuse to have some extra fun with breakfast. The last time my niece and nephew stayed over, I picked up this cheery pancake griddle from Costco. Continue reading

First Bite: Osteria Morini

Photo courtesy of Osteria Morini

Photo courtesy of Osteria Morini

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The first Lumber Shed restaurant is officially open and already the space is seeing crowds. Osteria Morini brings upscale, Italian dining to the neighborhood, not far from a few other neighborhood favorites.

As the website explains, Osteria Morini is named after Chef Michael White’s mentor Gianluigi Morini, the owner and founder of acclaimed restaurant San Domenico in Imola. The restaurant draws strongly from White’s personal experience in Emilia-Romagna, where he worked under Chef Valentino Marcattilii for seven years. And in Italian, “osteria” means a place where the owner “hosts” guests.

Osteria Morini approaches its menu in a way that encourage guests to order a little bit of everything by offering an array of small plates. I personally love that approach over a massive bowl of pasta that leaves me feeling stuffed at the end of my meal. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Soufflé

Sweet potato souffle

A Thanksgiving spread in my house was not complete without a sweet potato soufflé. The version I grew up with was so deliciously sweet my mother would have seconds (or thirds) for her dessert. Given my dislike for the sweet potatoes as a kid, I tended to avoid seconds…but now I’m the one fighting to clean the dish! Continue reading

We Might Have Found The Perfect Pancake Recipe

Photo by justamom on

Photo by justamom on

A pancake is a pancake, right? Mix flour, baking powder, milk and eggs, cook and serve with syrup. Voila! And blueberries or chocolate chips and it gets even more exciting. But if you start looking at recipes there seems to be a variety of opinions on the ratio of those ingredients. I was recently introduced to one recipe that, after trying several times now, I am convinced will knock it out of the park every time. Continue reading

The Best Bottomless Brunch Deals


In the absence of amazing brunch menus that seriously stand out among the rest, there is a growing brunch trend that I want to give a nod to: the ones that offer bottomless food AND drinks. And I’m not talking about buffets of ordinary pastries and rubbery eggs. I’m talking about unlimited ordering from the menu, especially when said menu offers some unique and tasty dishes that step outside of the typical brunch menu formula.

Masa 14 was one of the first to start the trend, but many soon followed. It’s the most gluttonous approach to brunch possible, and effectively kills all hopes of a productive afternoon. But, damn, every once in a while I love a brunch where I end up saying “I cannot eat one more bite but wow that dessert looks too good to pass up.” Continue reading

brunch at District Taco


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Until a trip to Austin, Texas in 2012 I didn’t know what I was missing by never having tried a breakfast taco. It just makes so much sense! And now I can get them right up the street from my house, thanks to District Taco, which opened up this last spring at 656 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

I first heard of District Taco when I was working in Rosslyn; they were one the first, if not the first, food truck to serve the VA crowd. They eventually opened a brick-and-mortar location in Arlington and their popularity started to spread. And this last spring, they opened their third DC location in the space formerly occupied by Yes! Organic Market. Continue reading

A DC Staycation

As nice as it is to get away for a long weekend, Labor Day weekend is actually a great time to stay in DC. Friday night was the last Jazz in the Garden for the season and another great weekly concert at YardsPark, just to name a few things. However, I ended up in Annapolis, checking out boats, eating seafood and enjoying the amazing weather.


On Saturday I ran from Georgetown to the Zoo and back with my DC Road Runners training group. It might not be how many of my friends want to spend a Saturday morning but, as my friend Katie said so well, it’s actually a great way to fall in love with the city all over again. Continue reading