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Brunch at Bandolero

It seems to be taking less and less time for new trendy restaurants to get enough into their groove to start opening for brunch. The latest one to jump into the brunch scene is Mike Isabella’s Bandolero in Georgetown.  Along with their usual Mexican-influenced small plates, they added a few brunch-inspired dishes.  That is to say, add a poached or fried egg on top.  So simple yet so good.  Continue reading

Brunch at Box Car Tavern

Photo by María Helena Carey

It’s no secret that I love living on Capitol Hill.  I have almost anything I need walking distance from my house, including a large number of brunch options.  One of the newer additions is Box Car Tavern, which opened last year next to Tunnicliff’s Tavern, providing a second bar/casual dining option offsetting the more upscale Montmartre and Acqua al 2.

I’ve been to Box Car more times that I can count for dinner and drinks but only recently stopped in for brunch.  I was meeting a neighborhood friend, we wanted a place we hadn’t been to for brunch before, and we wanted to we wanted to get in some window shopping around the flea market.  Can you call it window shopping when the stands don’t have windows?  So Box Car was the winner. Continue reading

brunch at Hanks on the Hill

One of the many things brunch is great for is snapping yourself out of a funk leftover from an evening that didn’t pan out quite as well as you’d expect for a Saturday night.  A few mimosas, tasty food and good friends will get you laughing and smiling again.  I needed one of these types of brunch recently – as did another good friend – so we met at the new Hank’s Oyster Bar on Capitol Hill, which has been a very welcome addition to the neighborhood since it opened in late July. Continue reading

brunch at Mintwood Place

One of my favorite things to do when I try out a new restaurant in town is to forego the stress of reservations and just sit at the bar for dinner.  As long as you only have one dinner date for the evening, this can work quite well.  The first time I went to Mintwood Place, I did this with a friend and had one of my favorite meals in recent memory.  It turns out we knew the bartender from high school (he was the year below us but remembered my friend) and was more than happy to share all of his favorite tips about the menu and recommendations about what he thought the chef really did best.

A few weeks later we returned for brunch, but this time we sat at a table and just enjoyed a relaxed and lazy weekend morning.  While the food was not quite as impressive as the dinner menu — I was treated to quite the meal that first night — it was still very good and the pork belly certainly hit the spot.  Continue reading

brunch at BlackSalt

When my dad asked me to pick somewhere to go for brunch on my birthday I wanted to pick something a little nice (when dad pays, and it’s your birthday, you should aim high!).  I wanted to pick something that wouldn’t be too loud, and I remembered that BlackSalt was one of his favorite restaurants.  It’s well known for its seafood and upscale dining, so its brunch should be pretty good as well, right? Continue reading

brunch at Del Ray Cafe

 An old friend recently moved to Del Ray with his wife and adorable baby girl so I decided it was time to explore the neighborhood’s brunch scene a bit more. It’s all in the name of a good brunch, right?  I’ve already been to Evening Star Café (great pick, by the way), so we wanted something new that would be open on the early side on a Saturday.  That did limit our choices some but we were certainly not out of luck.  Our pick that morning: Del Ray Café.

Del Ray Café is situated in an old farmhouse-style building with a lovely large porch, and two levels of seating inside. It’s quite charming and reminds me a bit of being in the country.  Because the summer humidity was still in full swing, we took a table inside on their second floor, which felt open and cozy all at the same time. Continue reading

brunch at Station 4

Now that outdoor brunch season has finally arrived, I’m happy to be able to add a new patio option to the mix – Station 4.  I had been wanting to try the brunch ever since it was announced, but I rarely find myself in Southwest so plans to go just never materialized until last weekend when the restaurant’s PR firm invited me and a few other writers to come taste their new brunch. Continue reading

Brunch at Graffiato

My first dinner at Graffiato is one I still sometimes daydream about.  We ordered the tasting menu and pretty much everything that I put in my mouth made me melt. So news of a brunch menu had me instantly intrigued.  I was expecting a full brunch menu that would be as extensive as the dinner menu, and was a bit disappointed that it was only five items.  But it was supplemented by the lunch menu, which definitely made up for the limited brunch options.  As much as I love breakfast food, lunch is also part brunch and a selection like this is quite pleasing. Continue reading

#WHENINDC likes brunch (who doesn’t?!)

I’ve been a slacker, I know.  Work and life has been busy and by the time I leave the office I don’t really want to look at a computer screen.  And after brunch the last few weeks, the weather has been too nice to head inside to work.  I do have a number of things lined up and will catch up soon, but in the meantime, I had to share one of my (many) favorites from #WHENINDC.

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brunch at Oyamel

One complaint I hear about brunch is that it can get a bit boring – eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, and variations on each – and I can’t completely disagree when so many places do just offer a lot of the same.  But DC does offer the chance to get a bit more creative.  So if you’re in a brunch slump, mix it up by going to a place you wouldn’t usually think of for brunch.  Such as a Mexican restaurant that is part of José Andrés and the ThinkFoodGroup restaurants.  That’s how I ended up at Oyamel for brunch one recent weekend.  I just didn’t want another basic brunch at Clyde’s or the other spots around the Verizon Center.  I was in the mood for something a bit different, and I certainly found it. Continue reading