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Heaven in Dessert Form: Girl Scout Cookie Brownies

unnamedMy weakness for Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is almost parallel to my weakness for cinnamon rolls. And when the season hits, there are countless co-workers pushing the sweet irresistible cookie at my office. It’s for the kids, right? So of course I end up with several more boxes than I actually need. This time around, I decided to share the wealth in the form of baking. The result may be my favorite brownie recipe yet.

1 box Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli Brownie Mix + 1 sleeve of crushed up Thin Mint Cookies = Heaven. Continue reading

Kitchen Experiments: Super Bowl Chili

The recent cold weather has put me in a mood for warm dishes, such as soups and stews. So for the Super Bowl, I decided to break out my favorite chili recipe. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and, since it’s pretty much just vegetables, it’s a healthy choice too.

This recipe makes a massive batch, but it freezes really well so don’t worry about cooking too much.
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Kitchen Experiments: Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

Ever since my kitchen renovation, that room has become my happy place. But I don’t cook nearly as often as I like since, well, it’s just not as fun to only cook for one or two. And then the other day, a coworker said I needed to bring in baked goods. It was for no other reason than it had been a while since I brought in treats for my team.

And an idea was born. I let my work friends send in requests, and then I get to cook and they get to enjoy! I also immediately rid my kitchen of the tempting treats.

Request number one: Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats from Strudel and Streusel.

Rice Krispie Treats + a coating of melted peanut butter + chocolate = gooey tasty sugary wonderful.

Smile Pancakes


When your house guests are only 5-years-old, you have an excuse to have some extra fun with breakfast. The last time my niece and nephew stayed over, I picked up this cheery pancake griddle from Costco. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Soufflé

Sweet potato souffle

A Thanksgiving spread in my house was not complete without a sweet potato soufflé. The version I grew up with was so deliciously sweet my mother would have seconds (or thirds) for her dessert. Given my dislike for the sweet potatoes as a kid, I tended to avoid seconds…but now I’m the one fighting to clean the dish! Continue reading

We Might Have Found The Perfect Pancake Recipe

Photo by justamom on

Photo by justamom on

A pancake is a pancake, right? Mix flour, baking powder, milk and eggs, cook and serve with syrup. Voila! And blueberries or chocolate chips and it gets even more exciting. But if you start looking at recipes there seems to be a variety of opinions on the ratio of those ingredients. I was recently introduced to one recipe that, after trying several times now, I am convinced will knock it out of the park every time. Continue reading

Ice Cream Cake!

Summer calls for ice cream, and birthdays call for cake…so, naturally you combine them and celebrate summer birthdays with ice cream cake!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!


As much as I roll my eyes at the sugary-coated Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day, I can’t deny that I love the fun things you can do with some of your favorite breakfast recipes.  With some red food coloring, a cookie cutter and a little creative inspiration, you can put together a very fun breakfast that would make just about anyone smile.  Homemade poptarts with a strawberry heart in the center, heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, heart-shaped hard boiled eggs, or even red velvet pancakes… Single or not, how could a plate of bacon and heart-shaped pancakes not make your morning happier? Continue reading

Happy Mardi Gras!

January 6, 2011
King Cake was always a tradition in my house when I was growing up.  It was just one of many New Orleans traditions that my mom kept alive after leaving her hometown.  A few years ago she started experimenting with different King Cake recipes in hopes of recreating the New Orleans treat for friends and family in DC, and this year my sister and I decided to give it a try as well. Continue reading

The Sweet Sweet Smell of Cinnamon Rolls


Cross-posted on Paper Scissors Stone, my sister’s blog about her culinary adventures across the pond.

I love cinnamon rolls but my fear of bread making has always prevented me from attempting to make them on my own.  The thought of spending all that time to make them, only to have them come out dense or dry just made me sad.  And the Pillsbury ones at the grocery store are just so darn easy and tasty.  But my sister challenged me to give it a try while visiting her in London for Christmas.  She’s gotten quite good at making her own bread and dough in culinary school and was confident she could teach me enough to get me past my fear of baking from scratch.  She also thought it would be fun for us to do a few posts that we could cross-post in each other’s blogs.  How could I say no? Continue reading