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Happy National Doughnut Day!

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Yep, there’s a day for that!  And no, it was not started by Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme.  The Salvation Army started National Doughnut Day in 1938 as a fundraiser for their organization and to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.

Want to celebrate by making your own doughnuts at home?  The Salvation Army is sharing their original recipe on their website.

Or stop by a participating Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut (with the purchase of a beverage at Dunkin).


The science behind the perfect cup of coffee

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A lot of things go into the perfect cup of coffee, and a lot of coffee shops and coffee companies swear that they know the secret to making that perfect cup.

My cousin Summer, who is a bit of an expert when it comes to science (she’s an astrophysicist…), decided to figure out what truly goes into a perfect cup of coffee.  And yes, it seems to be a science.  What she found makes for a fascinating read that has made me realize that some of my favorite coffee shops deserve a whole new level of respect.

Read her guest post on Scientific American and see if it changes how you look at your next cup of joe.

Cereal Cocktail

First we get a restaurant that serves nothing but cereal, and now we have the cereal cocktail.  Cereal lovers, meet the “Sav U’R cereal” at PS7.

Start with a double shot of Crunch Berries cooked down in milk, then add Old Overholt rye whiskey and a Caribbean rum-based liqueur called St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram. The result, according to Urban Daddy: “a milky white brew, served in a martini glass, earthy and spicy at first, and with a hint of childhood on the finish.”  Because breakfast should be consumed at all hours and should never be boring.

Fun with Pancakes

I have always believed that meals should be enjoyed in whatever way brings you happiness.  No one ever said that pancakes should be a certain color, or a certain shape…as Jim’s Pancakes demonstrates so well:

I also really love the bridge, space odyssey, and flower pancakes.  (h/t to my sister for this one!)

Burger King Introducing Brunch?

According the Chicago Tribune’s The Stew, Burger King is going to start test marketing brunch in Florida and Massachusetts, mimosas and all.  Well, sort of.  The mimosas will be made with Sprite instead of champagne.  Along with including the Whopper to their morning breakfast menu, they will be introducing a new sandwich: the new BK Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich, which will have scrambled egg, cheese, tomato, ham and bacon, and smoky tomato sauce on a ciabatta roll.  (h/t LoriCfromDC for the article)

Easter Brunch Roundup

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Just a few more links and then I’ll finally get to my Birch & Barley review:

  • Chow has a bunch of recipes for what to do with all those leftover Easter eggs…you know, in case Cadbury Cream Eggs Benedict wasn’t for you (via Young & Hungry)
  • Bitches Who Brunch had a Sicilian-style Easter brunch, and shared the recipe to a delicious looking Cassata Cake.

Easter Treats

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A couple of Easter-related links that I had to pass along:

  • Cadbury Cream Eggs Benedict: it sounds so gross but with how much I love Cadbury Cream Eggs, I think I just may have to try it.  It’s really just a dessert version of the brunch dish – they even put a dessert twist on hash browns  (via Serious Eats)
  • If you’re still looking for some inspiration for what to cook if you are hosting Easter brunch, The Kitchn has a great list of recipes.
  • The New York Times also pulled together a collection of their recipes to help you plan your Easter meal.
  • Did you get a few too many Peeps in your Easter basket?  How about some Peeps Krispy Treats (via Serious Eats)

Mimosa Cupcake

Sweet champagne cake with orange curd frosting…I wouldn’t mind a taste! See it at Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Donut Making Contest at Dunkin Donuts and Endless Simmer

Mmmm donuts…Dunkin Donuts is holding its 2nd annual contest for the next donut again.  Visit their web site to create the donut of your dreams for a chance to have the donut sold around the country and to win $12,000.

And if the ingredient options aren’t enough for you, head over to Endless Simmer where they are hosting their own contest, with no limitation on ingredients.  “What ingredients would make up the donut of your wildest dreams? Feel free to indulge your inner gourmet by using some more…non-conventional ingredients along with the usual donut trappings. Want to add a sweet potato filling or foie gras mousse to your glazed dount?  Have at it. Style points will be given for creativity.”  The winner will get a $60 Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card.

Both contests end on March 8.

Where is The Best Bloody Mary in DC?

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Last week, Prince of Petworth asked his readers to weigh in on where to go for the best Bloody Mary.  The responses are in line with pretty much everything I have heard when talking to people about this topic – there are a handful of great Bloody Marys in this town but also a lot of places that miss the mark, generally by adding too much seasoning or low quality tomato juice.  Personally, I’m a fan of Bloody Mary bars since they let you make it as spicy or mild as you like.  As for restaurants, I have heard more good things about Bar Pilar‘s Bloody Marys than most others in town, and I can vouch for the Matchbox #6, which has (surprise, surprise) a strip of bacon in it!

For a basic recipe, try this one I got from Brock Kuhlman’s Brunch for the Lazy cooking class at Hill’s Kitchen.  For something a bit more ambitious, try this one, which is billed as the BEST Bloody Mary recipe.