Bottomless Brunch Drinks

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One of the best things about brunch is that it is a time when drinking before noon is considered completely acceptable.   Unfortunately, I have found far too many restaurants neglecting the draw of the bottomless drink menu at my favorite meal.  Any place that serves bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s get extra points in my book, and I find myself recommending them far more often.  So, here is my list of bottomless drink specials at brunch spots around town.  Please note that this list is a work in progress, and I only include restaurants who advertise the bottomless special on their website.  If I have missed something, please let me know, and thank you for helping me keep it updated!

  • 14K – $24 brunch buffet includes bottomless champagne
  • 18th Amendment – $15 for bottomless mimosas
  • 1905 – $15 bottomless mimosas and bloody marys – Sunday only
  • Acadiana – $2 bloody marys and mimosas with their $29 prix-fixe brunch – Sunday only
  • Agora – $13 bottomless bloody marys and mimosas, or $29.95 for unlimited drinks and unlimited ordering off the menu
  • Alberta Osteria – $29.95 unlimited food and drinks
  • Ambar – $35 bottomless brunch drinks and unlimited plates from the menu
  • Ardeo/Bardeo – $25 for a two course brunch with bottomless mimosas
  • Argonaut – $9 for bottomless mimosas
  • Asia Nine – $1 mimosas or bloody marys when you order their $25 brunch deal
  • B. Smith’s – $34 for the buffet and unlimited champagne or mimosas – Sunday only
  • Bandolero – $19 bottomless brunch beverages
  • Beacon Bar & Grill – Unlimited mimosas and bloody marys with the buffet – Sunday only
  • Ben’s Next Door – $16 bottomless mimosas
  • Beuchert’s Saloon – $19 bottomless mimosas
  • Bistro Cacao – $14 bottomless mimosas
  • Black’s – $48 for unlimited champagne cocktails & buffet (including a raw bar)
  • Bombay Club – $27.95 per person brunch buffet includes unlimited champagne – Sunday only
  • Capital City Brewery – $9 bottomless mimosas and bloody marys (downtown location only)
  • Cava Mezze – $30 unlimited food, penny mimosas and $2 bloody mary’s
  • Chadwicks – $20 gets you an entree and unlimited champagne
  • Creme Cafe – $16 for bottomless mimosas or bloody marys
  • Crossroads – $20 bottomless drinks
  • District 2 – $3 mimosas and $15 pitchers
  • District Commons – $1 Blood Marys or Blood Orange Mimosas with an entree
  • Eatonville – $8 “beermosas” – served at the bar only
  • El Centro – $35 all you can eat and drink, including unlimited Michilada, Bloody Maria and choice of seasonal Aqua Fresca Cocktails
  • Farmers and Fishers – $10 bottomless bloody marys (no bottomless deal on mimosas)
  • Fusion – $20 buffet includes unlimited champagne or mimosas – Sunday only
  • GBD – $15 bottomless mimosas or brunch punch
  • The Getaway – $15 bottomless mimosas and bloody marys
  • Jackson 20 – $11 unlimited mimosas
  • Kellari Taverna – $25.95 a person for a basket of mini pastries, choice of entrée and unlimited champagne or mimosas
  • Lavagna – $20 for unlimited cocktails
  • Level One – $13 unlimited mimosas
  • Masa 14 – $35 brunch includes bottomless orange, lychee and mango-blood orange mimosas, lemon lager, and bloody marys.
  • Mad Hatter – $10 unlimited mimosas or $8 unlimited champagne
  • M Street Bar and Grill – $25.95 per person for an appetizer, entrée, dessert and unlimited champagne or mimosas – Sunday only
  • Nage – Unlimited bloody marys and mimosas for $15 – Sunday only
  • Red Rocks – $9 bottomless mimosas
  • Ripple – $18 bottomless mimosas
  • Ris – $18 bottomless mimosas
  • Sign of the Whale – $10 bottomless mimosas and bloody marys
  • Station 4 – $25 dollars entree and unlimited mimosas
  • The Bombay Club – $25 buffet included unlimited champagne – Sunday only
  • The Front Page – add $3 to the $20.95 buffet for unlimited champagne, or add $4.50 for unlimited mimosas.
  • The Pug – $10 bottomless mimosas
  • Pulpo – $25 all you can eat and drink – Sunday only
  • The Red Derby – Not technically all you can drink but at these prices, it essentially is: mimosas and bloody marys are $2 with brunch and $4 without brunch
  • Tonic – $14 bottomless mimosas
  • Tony and Joe’s – $45 Sunday brunch included unlimited mimosas, but brunch-goers don’t get to sit on the waterfront patio (lame!) – Sunday only
  • Urbana – $11 bottomless mimosas
  • Vinoteca – $15 bottomless champagne, memos or bellinis, and if you sit at the bar, that same deal is just $5.
  • Wonderland doesn’t have all you can drink anything, but they do have all you can eat bacon!
  • Zengo – $35 for unlimited small plates, brunch cocktails & coffee

35 Responses to Bottomless Brunch Drinks

  1. At Scion you can make any of your drinks bottomless by adding $4. They have bloody mary’s, mimosas, bellinis and a couple other options. Usually ~$15.

  2. Vinoteca has $10 bottomless mimosas, bellinis, and kir royales in the dining room… and all the same for $5 at the bar! Sundays only.

    And I can’t believe I let out my secret. I’ll never be able to get a seat at the bar again. /sob

  3. Utopia has $1.25 mimosas and bloody marys.

  4. Level One has bottomless bloody marys and mimosas for $13, and the staff let’s you interchange the two as you see fit.

  5. Red derby best 5 star dive bar brunch…We love you Anne Marie!

  6. We took advantage of Acadian’s “Parking Meter” deal recently. Those Blood Orange Mimosas are to DIE for!

    I lost count.

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  9. You should add District 2 on Wisconsin Avenue for their $12 bottomless mimosas

  10. @Supal – thanks! It’s added!

  11. Argonaut also has a $5 Make-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar!

  12. The POV at the W has botomless mimosas!

  13. Ardeo/Bardeo in Cleveland Park does a $25 dollar two course brunch with bottomless mimosas or just champagne if you wish.

  14. Madhatter has like $6-7 bottomless mimosas. And they’re pretty generous with the refills :)

  15. FYI the national gallery of women in the arts does nit serve bottomless mimosas. The $25 brunch includes 1 mimosa and each additional is $5.50-bummer.

  16. Did Wonderland get rid of their bottomless mimosas? That’s a shame.

    For folks who tire of waiting outside Open City on Sunday mornings – the pub next door Murphy’s has an incredibly inexpensive brunch. Is it the greatest brunch food in town? No. But is it a great value and often better than waiting for 45 minutes at Open City? Well that’s up to you. They have $9 brunch entrees that come with a complimentary mimosa/champagne, and each glass after that is jut $1. Not so shabby when you want french toast and a buzz on a budget.

  17. Blacks, in bethesda. $50 for unlimited champagne cocktails (7 total i think) and awesome buffet with raw bar. Pricey but so worth it.

  18. Tap And Parlour on U street has great mimosas, it’s $7 for bottomless mimosas.

  19. TruOrleans on H st. has bottomless mimosas for $10

  20. Hey! Do you know of anywhere with bottomless mimosas in Arlington? Thanks!

  21. District 2 no longer has bottomless mimosas they have $3 mimosas and $15 pitchers

  22. taylor — Thanks for the heads up! I’ve updated it above.

    Ashleigh — I honestly do not know of any Arlington restaurants that serve bottomless drinks. I’ve been looking and double checked the sites of my favorite places around there, but have yet to find anything. I’ll keep my eye out though!

  23. Boqyeria south of Dupont has $35 unlimited Spanish tapas and drinks, including sangria

  24. Spelled Boqueria. Siri.

  25. A couple Bloomingdale local spots have bottomless: Rustik Tavern (I think $12) for either bloody or bottomless, and Boundary Stone has bottomless both (amaaazing bloodies) for $13 and you can switch between the two for $1.50 upcharge.

    Also a new Petworth place, The Pinch, offers bottomless both, but I can’t remember how much.

  26. Times would be handy, also anything in Alexandria or Falls Church?

  27. How about any places in Silver Spring or nearby MD? (Not Bethesda)

  28. This list would be SUPER helpful if there was information about where each of these places is – I.e. neighborhood/closest Metro station etc. and perhaps organizable by this category.

    Just a thought

  29. Acadiana has increased their prices AGAIN! Mimosas are now $2 each with the $29 prixe fixe menu – quickly becoming a not so special deal!

  30. Local 16 on U Street also offers bottomless mimosas and bellinis. I forgot the cost but its around $15 or less.

  31. Vinoteca website says $15 for bottomless mimosas not $10

  32. Ashley- Freddie’s beach bar in crystal city has a yummy brunch and includes 5 mimosas for $18.

  33. I think you have the wrong link to front page (it links to a place in Miami). here is the one in dc

  34. Lincoln in DC does a all-you-can-eat brunch with bottomless drinks for $37. Or you can order off the menu and do just bottomless drinks for $19, though the all-you-can-eat package is better.

    As for Arlington, as Ashleigh asked, Twisted Vines on Columbia Pike, does a $9 Bottomless Mimosa Brunch. Their menu says Limit 9, but unless you’re in a huge or unruly group, I’ve never known them to actually count.

  35. Medium Rare in Cleveland Park is $23 for everything: food + bottomless mimosas, bloody Marys, coffee, screw drivers, or boring old OJ without booze. They’re very generous with the vodka in the bloody Marys and screw drivers. Menu is limited but completely delicious. Sundays only, til 2:30pm. They don’t seat you until your entire party arrives, but the moment you get there you can start getting drinks at the bar.

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