Brunch at Bistro Cacao

On a recent rainy weekend I found myself on the northeast side of Capitol Hill with a friend, and we were in need of a comfortable place to sit and catch up on lots of business and life updates. With the exception of H Street, the choices around the northeast side of the Hill are a bit slim. But there is one place that deserves some more attention, especially for brunch – Bistro Cacao.

I find the inside to be an odd balance between claustrophobic and cozy. Instead of knocking down walls between the two row houses that make up the restaurant, you walk through a series of small rooms, each with tables with large arm chairs with cushions, and surrounded by curtains. But the cozy feeling comes in when you picture the curtains drawn to provide seclusion and privacy for dinner companions to share the stereotypical DC secrets that Hollywood loves to make movies or TV shows about. And once you settle into one of the big arm chairs, you start to feel right at home.

Brunch starts with a basket of fresh pastries that you will have a hard time resisting – especially the pain au chocolate. The menu is very French, as expected from the name of the restaurant. My friend, who goes there regularly, swears it’s hard to go wrong with anything you choose. I picked the eggs Florentine, which was fantastic. The pancakes and waffles are on my list for my next visit as they are supposed to be very good.

And another added bonus: bottomless mimosas, which puts it on my bottomless brunch drink list.

Bistro Cacao is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 3pm.

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