Brunch at Tel’veh

Tel_vehBottomless brunches are one of my favorite trends in the city right now. But, I recently ran into a snag with one of my favorites, which will remain unnamed. I will just say that it is part of a restaurant group so this policy is likely in effect at several of our favorite DC brunch locations.

A large group of us were running a race together and wanted to go to brunch after. We wanted a fun atmosphere and a set price so we didn’t need to worry about splitting the check in different ways. I called one of my favorite places and was told that I had to coordinate with the events group since our group was more than eight people. That was fine with me until they asked that I put down a 50% deposit. Then they doubled the price because we wanted to come a half hour later than they wanted us (11am instead of 10:30). I understand the need to turn over tables, but to double the price? And I have never seen this particular restaurant filled for brunch.

Enough about where we didn’t go. Where we ended up – Tel’veh – could not have been more perfect. They had no qualms about letting me make a reservation for 12-15 people, immediately brought our table of hungry and cold runners bread and water, and kept out plates and glasses full while we enjoyed the music, great views and fun company.

This was not the first time I have been to Tel’veh and have been pleased with every visit. The staff is attentive, enthusiastic and friendly. The drinks are tasty and the food is really really good. And for them to be so welcoming to our large group after every other place I contacted wanted us to jump through so many hoops, it just put them even higher on my list.

I’ve worked in the restaurant industry before and understand the reason for those policies, and I understand that large groups can be difficult to handle. but at some point you make your establishment unwelcoming, which isn’t good. As for Tel’veh, we tipped as generously as we could to thank the staff for making our brunch so great.

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