DIY Fun: Lamp Making

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If I had cable I would be completely addicted to home improvement shows. And I would probably be broke trying out everything on my own at home. In the absence of cable, I have found a love for flipping through craft books and bookmarking things for rainy days when I am feeling the need to pull out the hot glue gun and get creative.

With two weeks off around Christmas and New Years, I finally found some of that down time and chose a project that has been on my list for far too long -lamps for the sideboard in my dining room. The chandelier gives decent light but this is an interior room that can sometimes feel too dark. After feeling uninspired by options in stores, I came up with an idea. I had a really cool bourbon bottle that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away because I liked the look of it so much. And it just so happened to be the perfect shape for the base of a lamp!

This is not the easiest project, and would probably be harder with a round bottle, but, with the right tools, you can end up with great results.


  • power drill
  • drillbit suitable for glass
  • masking tape
  • eye protection
  • lamp making kit/wire
  • lamp shade (I picked up mine for $10 at World Market)
  • hot glue gun

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Put masking take on the spot where you plan to drill. This helps keep the drillbit in place and I think it will add a little protection against the glass shattering.

Read the instructions with the drillbit to make sure your drill is on the right speed. Put your bottle on a flat surface and drill. This can take a long time so be patient. Slow and steady will get you better results than rushing it. The glass on my bottle was more than a quarter-inch thick so I had to recharge my drill battery four times.

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Once you have your hole, feed your wire through and follow the instructions on the lamp making kit.

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I used a hot glue gun to get the socket to sit in place. And because my shade was the type that sits below the bulb, I had to improvise to give it something to rest on. A metal ring that you would usually use around a pipe coming out of a wall did the trick.

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A few weeks later I found a similar bottle and now have my matching set!

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