We Might Have Found The Perfect Pancake Recipe

Photo by justamom on AllRecipes.com

Photo by justamom on AllRecipes.com

A pancake is a pancake, right? Mix flour, baking powder, milk and eggs, cook and serve with syrup. Voila! And blueberries or chocolate chips and it gets even more exciting. But if you start looking at recipes there seems to be a variety of opinions on the ratio of those ingredients. I was recently introduced to one recipe that, after trying several times now, I am convinced will knock it out of the park every time.

Good Old Fashion Pancakes: these are fluffy and flavorful and are sure to make your morning a happy one.

You might be tempted to cut back on the sugar and butter to save calories, but please remember you that you are eating pancakes for breakfast. If you want healthy, stick with oatmeal or yogurt. If you want to have a yummy treat on a Saturday morning, make it good!

I also recommend taking the time to mix the dry and wet ingredients separately for the best results. It may dirty an extra bowl but isn’t one more dish worth it for delightfully fluffy pancakes?

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