The Best Bottomless Brunch Deals


In the absence of amazing brunch menus that seriously stand out among the rest, there is a growing brunch trend that I want to give a nod to: the ones that offer bottomless food AND drinks. And I’m not talking about buffets of ordinary pastries and rubbery eggs. I’m talking about unlimited ordering from the menu, especially when said menu offers some unique and tasty dishes that step outside of the typical brunch menu formula.

Masa 14 was one of the first to start the trend, but many soon followed. It’s the most gluttonous approach to brunch possible, and effectively kills all hopes of a productive afternoon. But, damn, every once in a while I love a brunch where I end up saying “I cannot eat one more bite but wow that dessert looks too good to pass up.”

So to these establishments that have embraced “Sunday Fundays,” (or even better, “Saturday Fundays”) thank you!

My favorites so far, in no particular order:

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