Ice Cream Cake!

Summer calls for ice cream, and birthdays call for cake…so, naturally you combine them and celebrate summer birthdays with ice cream cake!


I made this one with oreos, chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I started by making the chocolate cake and letting it cool completely, setting the layers aside. Next, I took a package of Oreos — cream and all — and mashed them up in a food processor. I then added about 3 tablespoons of melted butter and spread the mixture in the bottom of two cake pans lined with wax paper. Pop them in the freezer overnight to get them nice and hard while the cake stays in the fridge (or freeze, if you want, but cut the layers in half first).

Let the ice cream get soft, but not completely melted, and start assembling. I wanted a solid base so I put one oreo layer on the bottom, followed by a layer of cake, cut in half. Then I scooped in the soft ice cream and tried to get everything as even as possible.

I wanted a flat top that I could frost so I put the next layer of Oreos on top of the ice cream and finished it off with the last layer of cake. I should have cut that in half… I then put the assembled cake back in the freezer for a few hours so it would get nice and solid before frosting.

I did this all in one of the cake pans so the sides would hold until everything could freeze again. If you have a springform pan where the bottom pops out, that is ideal. Since I didn’t have one, I used wax paper, placing long strips under the base piece so I could lift everything out.

After a few hours I pulled out the frozen cake and tried to frost it as quickly as possible before the ice cream started to melt. That’s the tricky part which will take some practice. If you saw the back side of that cake you would know I need to work on my technique! I’m sure my friends are eager to help me with that given the number of requests I have already gotten to make this again!

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