I have a confession: I am becoming disenchanted with brunch.

There are many things I still love about brunch, and it remains a frequent part to my weekends. It is still one of my favorite ways to see friends on the weekends, especially when our schedules have gotten so insane with families, traveling, etc. It’s great to be able to catch up over a two-hour brunch and still have your whole day ahead of you. And let’s not forget one of the more popular reasons to love brunch: it’s one of the few times it’s acceptable to drink before noon.

But it’s been awhile since I have had a brunch that has been worth writing home about. Last week, as I read yet another post by someone who thinks brunch is overrated, I found myself agreeing with the author.

When I first started Brunch and the City, brunch was not that big in DC yet, and it was easy to find the special places. Maybe I am looking back with rose-colored glasses, but I also seem to remember that those few restaurants who opened on Sunday mornings put actual effort into their brunch menus. Or they embraced the greasy spoon approach, becoming a reliable standby after a late night.

But in the last couple of years, I have seen far too many servings of mediocre pancakes, overcooked eggs and fruit bowls full of sad cheap fruit, and all too often with a price tag that made me want to laugh.

To be fair, my expectations for brunch have never been that high. As Anthony Bordain said in Kitchen Confidential, brunch is when you get served scraps and leftovers from the night before by tired wait staff who would rather work an evening shift that results in better tips. I will always love a plate of pancakes or eggs and good company on a weekend morning, but my desire to try every new place has kind of diminished. I still have my favorites, my reliable standbys and neighborhood spots. And some mornings, I prefer to just make my own eggs and coffee. So while I am coming back to catch up on a backlog of reviews, bear with me as I shift the focus a bit.

After five and a half years, I think it’s time to breathe some new life into the focus of my creative outlet here!

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