Happy Valentine’s Day!


As much as I roll my eyes at the sugary-coated Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day, I can’t deny that I love the fun things you can do with some of your favorite breakfast recipes.  With some red food coloring, a cookie cutter and a little creative inspiration, you can put together a very fun breakfast that would make just about anyone smile.  Homemade poptarts with a strawberry heart in the center, heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, heart-shaped hard boiled eggs, or even red velvet pancakes… Single or not, how could a plate of bacon and heart-shaped pancakes not make your morning happier?

When I started preparing for kitchen renovations last year, a friend introduced me to Pinterest as a way to find design inspiration.  I went from having no concept of what I wanted the finished product to look like, to a board of dream projects for every room of my house.  As well as the realization that my taste can be rather expensive.  But that’s not the point…  After linking my Pinterest account to my Twitter account, where I happen to follow countless food-lovers, I now have endless inspiration for recipes to make in my new kitchen.  And yes, that includes holiday recipe ideas for days like today.  See a few of my favorites here.  And see my many other favorite things here.

Speaking of favorite things, my loyal readers who have kept up with me all of these years obviously top the list.  And since everyone should get a valentine, here’s mine to you!  xo



If you want to send one to your favorite person, Paperless Post has a great selection today!

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