Brunch at Zengo

zengodcSometimes you want a quiet and sophisticated brunch.  And sometimes you want a boozy feast.  I thought Masa 14 was the best deal in town for such an event with their $35 all-you-can-order food and drinks.  Well it seems they have some competition: Zengo.  Just like at Masa 14, for For just $35 you can order as much as you want off of the menu and have bottomless brunch cocktails.  You’re not going to find many traditional brunch dishes here but there is plenty to love.

These brunches are best enjoyed with a group of friends who are not afraid to stuff themselves like it’s Thanksgiving.  Don’t like a dish? Then just order something else.  Really like a dish? Order more!  Want simple eggs and bacon and trying to watch how much you eat?  This is not the place for you.

Zengo’s menu is a mix of Latin and Asian, offering items such as chared tuna won ton tacos and Thai chicken empanadas.  A large portion of the regular menu is small plates, so take the opportunity to order multiple dishes to share with your friends.  As for the brunch menu, it’s all small plates.  And for $35 a person, you can certainly order your money’s worth quickly.

The highlights were plentiful so it’s actually hard to remember my top choices.  I am so focused on enjoying the company and the food in front of me that I don’t want to ruin the mood by pulling out a notepad or camera!  There was very little that I didn’t like but a few dishes that really jumped out for me were the salmon benedict, short rib hash, Pekin duck chilaquiles and the churros.  And as for the drinks, my favorites were the passion fruit mimosa and the pomegranate mimosa.

So which is the better boozy feast?  They are the same price, both offer unlimited small plates and drinks, and both have great food.  Truthfully, I loved them both.  I haven’t been back to Masa 14 for brunch in a while but I understand it’s still a very popular spot so reservations are necessary.  Zengo’s brunch hasn’t quite caught on…yet.

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