brunch at Ardeo Bardeo

With so many of my friends living on the Hill, in Arlington or near downtown, I don’t make it to Woodley Cleveland Park very often, which is a shame because there are a lot of great restaurants up that way.  A few weeks ago I remembered just how long it had been and made plans to meet at friend at Ardeo Bardeo, a place I had heard a lot of people recommend for brunch.

The dining room is bright and warm, perfect for a chilly morning, although it might have been a bit too bright for my friend, who was suffering from a having a bit too much fun the night before.  Hair of the dog was my immediate recommendation – mimosas all around!  Okay, maybe not for everyone.

The menu is much more lunch than brunch, featuring a number of soups and salads for appetizers, and pastas and sandwiches for main courses.  First courses included a rutabaga and apple soup with blue cheese and a walnut praline, beets with sour cherries and blue cheese, marinated chickpeas with goat cheese and arugula, and crispy brussel sprouts, which I am told will win over even the strongest brussel sprout hater.  I was not feeling brave enough to test the theory that morning, but maybe on a return visit.  They also offered some more breakfast-type options such as salmon rillettes with a bagel, steel cut oats with currants and honey, and granola and greek yogurt with apples and pears.

For second courses, there were options such as the faux carbonara with smoked ricotta and egg, steak and eggs, shrimp and grits, or a burger.  There was also a vegetable omelet, braised suckling pig with egg hash, a croque madame, and the traditional eggs benedict.  I ordered the bacon and egg risotto, which was a great mix of the lunch flavor with a breakfast twist – exactly what a brunch menu should have.

This is a great place for a Sunday morning brunch in upper Northwest.  It’s nice enough to take family but not too expensive to go with friends for several rounds of mimosas.  Did I mention those were bottomless?  The servers are quite good at ensuring they are always topped off, so if you drive, plan to walk off your brunch buzz at the zoo!

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  1. I agree with all of this! One small thing from a DC native. This neighborhood is actually Cleveland Park. Love the site!

  2. Woops, thanks! I’ll never get those straight, even after growing up here!

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