Homemade Nutella

I love Nutella — on waffles, in crepes, on toast or slices of apples.  It’s been one of my favorite treats since I was a kid.  A while back, my sister got the idea to make her own but didn’t get the chance before she moved, so she left me with the ingredients and idea.  The only thing holding me back was that I didn’t have a good food processor.  Until recently (thanks, mom!).  So with my kitchen renovations complete and a few toys to break in, I decided to finally give this recipe a try.  The steps took a bit of time, but all in all it was pretty easy and the final product was very tasty. I’d definitely be tempted to make this again. Keep in mind that it makes a good amount, so buy some small jars and give it to friends as gifts!

Here are pictures of the process and a simple recipe:

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  1. This looks great. I am definitely a Nutella addict, so it would be great to try making my own. How did you store it (room temp?) and how long does it keep?


  2. I’ve been storing it in the fridge since I added milk to thin it. A friend suggested using vegetable oil next time instead so it can be left at room temp. I still have one small jar left over and while it still tastes very good to me, it’s gotten thicker and should probably be replaced with a fresh batch soon. I’m no food safety expert though, so use your own discretion.

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