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Generally, I wouldn’t recommend going to a coffee shop for brunch.  For a good cup of coffee and muffin?  Sure.  But coffee shops, generally, do not have a proper kitchen set up to handle quality brunch dishes, so you end up with egg and cheese sandwiches that are made using a microwave and Panini-maker.

Well, Pound, the Hill’s newest coffee shop, is a bit different.  If you’ve ever stopped in for lunch and dinner, you know that they do food pretty well.  They love mixing in international flavors and keeping the menu a bit limited so they can focus on the items that they know will really work.  Their approach to brunch is very similar — a selection of 5 dishes that cover a range of flavors and tastes.

I had the opportunity to give their new menu a try this past weekend and was definitely pleased with what they are working on.  While limited to only five choices, the food was very good, and the presentation was much more than I expected.  In an effort to serve as a true restaurant for brunch, they brought in tablecloths for the back room and added full table service.  The menu, which will change a bit each week, featured Nutella crepes, huevos rancheros, tocino pork, chipotle cheese grits with shrimp, and a gourmet omelet.

While the nutella crepe sounded like a perfect sweet treat, and my southern heritage had me curious about the quality of the grits, I was craving eggs so I ordered the omelet with Portobello mushrooms, sautéed spinach and goat cheese.  I’m a sucker for cheese and I had a feeling this one would hit the spot, and oh did it ever.  My friend ordered the huevos rancheros, which were piled high with rice, beans and chorizo sausage, and came with a large side of fresh-cut avocado slices.  It had a great spicy bite, although my friend did ask for some extra hot sauce…I guess my palate is not as southern as my heritage.

huevos rancheros, by Brunch Girl

In the coming months, Pound will experiment with some new dishes on the menu and hopes to expand to Saturday as well.  And with a pending liquor license application, they also hope to offer mimosas (but no bloody marys since the license will only be for wine and beer, not liquor).  That liquor license will also allow them to serve as a wine bar in the evenings, so stay tuned for some more announcements as they get through the application process.

Until, then, their drip coffee and famous Nutella latte are available at brunch, along with all of their other coffee and tea beverages.

Brunch will be served on Sundays from 10am until 2pm.  Pound is located at 621 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

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