brunch at Georgia Brown’s

One of the most frequently mentioned places I hear when people recommend spots for brunch in DC  is the Sunday jazz brunch Georgia Brown’s.  This upscale southern restaurant cornered DC’s brunch market long before Sunday brunch became a trend here, and they have maintained their place on these lists by consistently serving good food in a great atmosphere.

There are two parts to the brunch at Georgia Brown’s — the buffet and the entrees.  Well, technically there are four parts: the Pre-Show is drinks; Act One is the buffet; Act Two is the entree; and Act Three is the dessert buffet. Yep, it’s a lot of food, and they know it, which is why they recommend upfront that you take that entree to go instead of trying to force yourself to over eat.  All of that for $40 a person.  It’s not the cheapest deal in town but this is one of the only places that will encourage you to take the main dish home to enjoy later.  When you factor that in, along with the quality of the food, this may be one of the best values for your money.

The buffet offered a range of seafood, meats, bacon, home fries, biscuits battered french toast, made to order omelets, fresh fruit, and a few other items that I can’t even remember now.  My entire group ended up going back around for second helpings so we could get a little taste of it all.

By the time we got through the buffet, we didn’t have much room for the large entrees that were part of Act Two, which is treated as the norm here — the waitress recommended to us at the start that we should plan to have the entree packed to go when we ordered.  The challenge then is to decide what would re-heat the best.  While the shrimp and grits sounded tasty, I didn’t think it would re-heat as well as other items.  I chose the gumbo, which made an excellent lunch the next day.  Other options included black eye pea cakes, southern buttermilk fried chicken, pan-seared Atlantic salmon, fried cornmeal crusted catfish, and ground turkey meatloaf.

With our entrees packed up, we headed back inside to enjoy the dessert table, which was a gorgeous spread of little mini-sized desserts — perfect for sampling at least three of four items without going completely overboard.  Unless you like going overboard on dessert, in which case go back for more.  We won’t judge.

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