brunch at The Atlas Room

The Atlas Room is one of the more upscale dining options on H Street, with romantic lighting, dark walls and intimate tables.  And on a Sunday morning, with the sun streaming in through the front window, it’s also a cheery place to sip a drink and enjoy brunch with friends or family.

My mom, sister, niece and I stopped in a couple of weeks ago for a belated Mother’s Day brunch, lucking into a table right as they opened at 11:30.  The restaurant quickly filled up around us with couples, small groups of friends, and families.

Much like their dinner menu, just about everything listed made my mouth water.  From Grand Mariner French Toast to pork hash and eggs, to sweet polenta, to biscuits and gravy — we all had a very difficult time deciding what to order.  I finally decided on the sweet polenta with honey, apricots and walnuts, and a side of eggs and bacon.  My sister ordered the biscuits and gravy and my mom ordered the pork hash and eggs.  My niece, who usually insists on pancakes or waffles picked the eggs and bacon.  The biscuits and pork hash were the biggest hits.  I wish someone had been willing to split the French Toast with me as it looked delicious, but my eggs and polenta were quite tasty.  The only real criticism I had was that the combination of apricots and honey in the sweet polenta was a bit much — just one or the other would have been better with the walnuts.

One of my favorites things about this menu was the selection of sides and sharing-sized plates and the gnosh plates, which allows the opportunity to get a mix of almost everything instead of having to commit to just one entree.

With the numerous brunch options on H Street, this is a great addition.  Now if only they would serve brunch on Saturdays too…

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