brunch at The Pug

After hearing rumors about its delicious hangover hash for some time now, I decided to make my way over to The Pug on a recent lazy Sunday morning.  What better place to spend a weekend morning when you are in the mood to do nothing more than to wear your oldest, comfiest sweatshirt and not care how messy your hair looks in a ponytail?  H Street is known well for its nightlife, and now it’s becoming known as the place to return to for your morning recovery.

So about that brunch at The Pug.  The menu is small and basic.  They aren’t pretending to be some swank upscale place that they are not.  They are a comfortable dive bar where you can sit back and enjoy a drink, watch some sports and make friends with the regulars.  Your choices pretty much consist of biscuits, eggs, french toast and sausage.  And some mornings that is all you need.  Well that and a good drink.  Coffee, beer, a spicy Bloody Mary…or for $10 you will you be served as many pint-sized glasses of champagne and orange juice (heavy on the champagne) as you could possibly want.

My recommendation, by far, is the All American.  Sausage, cheesy scrambled eggs, hash, and a biscuit with gravy.  The only change to the dish would like to see is to have the option to have bacon instead of sausage.  But the eggs and biscuit hit the spot just right.  And the hash browns?  I generally don’t like hash browns.  I know, kind of weird for a brunch enthusiast to not like a breakfast staple but potatoes just aren’t my thing before noon.  But these hash browns are awesome.  The potatoes are chopped up small, mixed with sausage and bacon, and crisped up just right.  Kind of like the hash browns from McDonald’s but better.

Brunch doesn’t have to always be upscale and fancy.  In fact, it shouldn’t. And that’s just why I love brunches like this one.

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  1. Biscuits and gravy and bottomless mimosas at the Pug are the best antidote to a hangover!

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