Fontaine Caffe and Creperie

Crepes have always been one of my favorite dishes.  Sweet or savory, I love them for any meal.  So a couple of weekends ago when I caught up with one of my favorite brunch buddies for brunch in Old Town, we headed to Fontaine Caffe and Creperie, a place I have heard recommended by a number of people, and for good reason.

As with all of my favorite places in Old Town, Fontaine Caffe was absolutely charming.  Tucked between several small store fronts on South Royal Street, right off of King Street, it’s a quaint little two-room restaurant that embraces the old architecture of its building and neighborhood.

While the quiche of the day and the “Ooh La La Chocolate French Toast” both caught my eye, I was there for crepes.  With so many options it was hard to settle on one, but I finally chose the Moroccan, which is filled with spinach and feta cheese, topped with mint-yogurt sauce, and served with a side salad.  It was fantastic. My friend ordered the Californian, which has 2 scrambled eggs with baby spinach and fresh tomatoes, and served with a side salad.

The savory crepes are all made with gluten-free buckwheat flour that compliments the savory fillings very well.

While my savory crepe was delicious, my sweet tooth couldn’t forget the temptation of the sweet crepes so I convinced my friend to split one with me as a dessert.  He happily obliged…one reason he is one of my favorite brunch companions.  We decided on a classic strawberry and nutella crepe, called Bella.  If I lived around the corner from Fontaine Caffe, I think I would stop in and order this for dessert at least once a week.

Two other sweet options that caught my eye, and will likely bring me back soon, were the Lemon Drop — with lemon cream and powdered sugar — and the Marathon — filled with banana or fresh apples, nutella and peanut butter.  My friend actually ordered the Lemon Drop to go as a snack for that evening and said that it was very light and refreshing.

There’s a kid’s menu too, in case you need something very basic for your little one.  That morning, the restaurant was filled with couples, friends, and families with kids of all ages so it’s safe to say that this is a neighborhood spot that welcomes everyone.

Next time you’re in Old Town and interested in a meal or just a sweet snack, stop in, sit and enjoy some delicious crepes.  I promise it will be a pleasant and tasty break from your afternoon.

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