brunch at Granville Moore’s

Not long after Granville Moore’s first opened, it started experimenting with brunch by offering it once a month.  I was very excited for it, since the restaurant had quickly become one of my favorite additions to H Street, but they didn’t keep it up for very long, as they wanted to turn their focuses to other aspects of their business at the time.  But I think they knew they had the right foundation for something good, and now, a year and a half later, they have finally launched a Saturday brunch that is a great addition to H Street.   Yes, Saturday, tapping into a day of the weekend when too few places open early to serve breakfast.  And starting in February, they will also start serving brunch on Sundays.

It’s a simple menu but one that I think covers all of the bases.  Fruit and yogurt for the healthy eater of your group, eggs with bacon and “home frites” for the traditional, veggie sausage for the vegetarians, and a bison bruchetta for anyone wanting something a bit more hardy and meat-filled. And for the breakfast sandwich lover, they offer “The Good Doctor,” which is scrambled eggs, veggie sausage or applewood bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, and avocado on a potato kaiser roll.

The “home frites” served with most dishes is, as you can guess, those delicious fries that the restaurant is so famous for, but with caramalized onions and roasted peppers.  I generally do not like home fries or potatoes with my breakfast, but frites? Yes please!

Also on the menu: Fried French Toast Stix, which are slices of french bread, battered and grilled and then topped with cinnamon-apple butter and sweet whipped cream.  I highly recommend splitting an order of this for either an appetizer or dessert.

For drinks, they offer eight variations on the Bloody Mary, incorporating everything from beer to tequila to whiskey, along with the more traditional vodka.  There are also a number of signature cocktails, including Dr Granville’s Love Tonic, The Antidote, a Ginger Rickey, and the Jack Ruby.  Next time I return I will make sure I keep my afternoon open so I can hang out to try them all.

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