Baking Challenge: Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

I was recently presented with a baking challenge by a co-worker. The recipe was found on a blog and could taste amazing, or could just be too weird to actually eat.  The verdict: very tasty and a fun Thanksgiving-themed cupcake, although a bit too much work to make very often.

First, make mini pumpkin pies:

Then you make cupcakes, placing the mini pumpkin pies in the center of the cups as you fill them with batter:

The result is a pie-filled cupcake!

The full recipe and instructions can be found on Bake It in a Cake, along with a ton of other something-in-a-cake recipes that range from strange to very intriguing.  I just might have to try the Candy Cane Brownie Kisses next…

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