brunch at 3 Bar and Grill

Anyone who knows me well knows that there was no way I would miss out on 3 Bar & Grill’s bacon week two years in a row.  A friend who loves bacon about as much as I do emailed me excitedly about trying out there brunch as soon as he saw that they were bringing back bacon week for a second year.

While they make a special bacon-filled menu for other meals, they only have one special item at brunch — the bacon-studded waffle.  While you can get bacon with just about any brunch dish, I was hoping for a little more creativity.  We ordered some Bacon Bloody Marys and decided to check out the full menu.

We both ordered egg dishes and decided to split the bacon-studded waffle as a dessert.  I felt sick when I left because I was so full, but it was all in the name of a well-rounded review, right? 

Let me start with the Bacon Bloody Marys.  Even without the bacon this is one of the best Bloody Marys I have had in a while.  Spicy but not overpowering, not too watery or weak and just the right amount of horse radish.  And a piece of bacon thrown in there makes it just that much better.  And the best part?  The Bacon Bloody Mary is a standard drink on their menu so you don’t need to wait for the next Bacon Week to give one a try.

I ordered the Low Country Breakfast — eggs, bacon and grits, my favorite combination.  The bacon was thick cut with a bit of sweetness and a perfect amount of crispiness.  The girts were exactly as I like them and were a coarser variety that reminded me a bit more of polenta, which is a very good thing — I love polenta.  My friend ordered the Irish Breakfast, which was not quite as successful.  The potatoes were good but the ham (or Irish Bacon, as they refer to it) was pretty bland and unremarkable.

Then we moved onto that bacon-studded waffle.  These are made by chopping up bacon and adding it to the batter as they cook the waffle, so the bacon bits are cooked into it, adding crispy bursts of flavor.  I would say that dish was a hit with both of us.

Other menu items include traditional French Toast, Eggs Benedict, granola with yogurt, smoked fish, omelets, and range of lunch dishes.

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