Tune in on Monday: WETA Special on Breakfast in Washington

WETA, our local public television station, put together a documentary on breakfasts in the Washington area featuring “power breakfasts” for everyone from policy makers to the rest of us.  The special, which will air this Monday at 9pm, includes a number of great brunch spots, as well as numerous places that serve weekday breakfast — because this is the kind of city where people like to have meetings over an order of eggs and bacon.

I immediately recognized most of the places featured, but there were a few restaurant I have never heard of, such as MGM Roast Beef on Brentwood Road, which has been around for 20 years.  I’ve driven past this place more times than I can count but never thought to stop; had I known about their breakfast, I would come in have long ago.

I was a bit disappointed in their top “Capitol Hill” breakfast spots — Bistro Bis and Art and Soul — which aren’t really ON the Hill.  We have a number of greasy spoons in the neighborhood that I know, for a fact, are frequented by some top policy makers who call the Hill home.  But the documentary is only an hour, so plenty of things were bound to be left on the cutting room floor.

The breakfast spots that the documentary does feature are:

  • Art and Soul
  • Bistro Bis
  • Café Atlántico
  • Café Aurora
  • Choupi Crepe Cart
  • Chutzpah
  • Corcoran Gallery of Art
  • The Diner
  • District Taco
  • Florida Avenue Grill
  • The Grille
  • Kafe Leopold + Konditorei
  • Kellari Taverna
  • Lafayette Room
  • The Mansion on O Street
  • MGM Roast Beef
  • Mosaic Cuisine and Café
  • Poste Moderne Brasserie
  • Seasons
  • Tabard Inn
  • Vaso’s Kitchen
  • Virginia Kitchen
  • Volt

Fun fact I learned about the Lafayette Room at the Hay Adams (one of the most amazing breakfasts you’ll ever have…but best when someone else is paying): theirs was the first dining room in the city to be air conditioned.  I was particularly glad to see a few of my favorites included: Florida Avenue Grill, Tabbard Inn, Seasons (expensive but also the quintessential location for a true DC power breakfast), and Lafayette Room. That selection is a good mix of upscale and divey, expensive, moderate, and wonderfully affordable.  It’s a bit of everything that DC has to offer.

The special will air on Monday, October 4 at 9 pm, and will be available for viewing on WETA’s website after the airing.  You can watch WETA TV 26 over the air on channel 26.4, and on Comcast 26 and 267, Cox 26 and 802, Dish 8076, FiOS 26 and 471, and RCN 164.

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  1. I love ‘Art & Soul’ and have ‘Corcoran Gallery of Art’ on my radar. Still.
    What’s your take on ‘The Mansion on O Street’?

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