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I was recently invited by the PR folks at Kimpton to join several other bloggers for a Saturday brunch at Firefly. This has been one of many places that have been sitting on my to-do-list for far too long, so I was excited to have a good excuse to finally stop by for a try.

I feel like Firefly is often forgotten when people ask for restaurant or bar recommendations around Dupont Circle since it’s a few blocks off of the circle and is in the first floor of a hotel. But being only a few short blocks off the busier streets makes it a great choice for a slightly quieter brunch with little or no line.

The best part about brunching with a large group is that you get to try more things on the menu. I ordered the Green Eggs and Ham, a spinach quiche with gruyere and ham. It was definitely very green, almost too much so. But one bite and I was pleased — the crust was wonderfully light and flaky, and the cheese and spinach were delicious.

Pop’s French Toast was very good although a bit too sweet — it was made of small slices of challah bread, which mad eit easy to share, and was topped with apple raisin compote. We weren’t sure what to expect with Snake Eyes, which was described as two sift cooked eggs in a bread basket. Did your parents ever cut a hole in your toast and cook an egg in the center? That’s essentially what it was, and I had forgotten how good eggs are cooked that way!

The strangest thing on the menu was definitely the Elvis Sandwich — a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich with maple-honey on pan-fried challah bread. I did not get to try this one but I was told by someone who has had it that it’s a creative idea but best to be ordered as a dish for everyone to sample for the fun of it, otherwise it’s just too much sugar for just one person.

The menu also includes eggs benedict, oatmeal, a burger, Italian sausage, a BLT and an array of standard breakfast sides. Bloody Marys are only $3 on Saturdays, and mimosas are only $1 on Sundays, so show up thirsty!

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  1. This sounds SO good and I’ve always wanted to try. I’m going! Thanks for making my mouth water :-)

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