The Cereal Bowl Opening March 27th – Soft Opening Today!

The Cereal Bowl is officially slated to open on March 27th, but if you are in the Cleveland Park area today you can stop by for their soft opening from 6 – 10 pm (thanks to District Tattle for the heads up about it).  I wrote about the diabetes inducing menu in December, and Tim at Young & Hungry has a roundup of the many reactions to this new restaurant.  I am certainly curious to try it out, but I’m not sure this will ever make my top breakfast/brunch lists…

* PS I realize I’ve been slacking on the posts lately but expect to get back to my usual schedule next week.  I have a few great reviews to share so be sure to check back!

5 Responses to The Cereal Bowl Opening March 27th – Soft Opening Today!

  1. Looking forward to it. Don’t worry about “slacking.” I excuse lack of posts for anyone whose full-time job isn’t blogging. It clogs my Google Reader when people post every day–where do they find the time?

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    It won’t be long before we all have diabetes. You could prevent it if you knew how.

  3. That picture makes me nauseous.

  4. I went last night for the Friends and Family night. My friend Kris is one of the guys who opened it! It’s great! There are even healthy options and the coffee is great and fairtrade too!! I definitely recommend trying it out.

  5. I’ll definitely make it out there to try it soon. It sounds like such a great idea but I can’t help but think they’d do better in a different neighborhood or as a food cart.

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