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I was pretty excited for Commissary as soon as it opened – then again any place with such a strong focus on breakfast gets me excited.  As a sister restaurant to Logan Tavern, which has a great brunch, I had little doubts that the food here would be great.  And even better: they serve breakfast from 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday and 9 am – 5 pm on the weekends.

Much like Busboys and Poets, they mix together the coffee shop and restaurant feel, with the addition of a bar which makes it a great location for a casual drink with a friend on a low key night.  You can share a big love seat if you want to cozy up with your brunch date, each take an over-sized chair if you’d like some more space, or sit at a table for a more traditional meal setting.

I couldn’t decide what to get so I convinced my friend to split two dishes with me — blueberry pancakes and a spinach and mushroom omelet with cheese.  The blueberry pancakes were so good we almost ordered a second plate.  They were crispy on the outside (which makes pancakes ten times better) and oozing with blueberries on the inside.  The omelet was delicious as well, very light and flavorful,  but also not too big.  The dishes everyone around us ordered looked great too, but I know it will be hard to not order those blueberry pancakes next time I return.

While they don’t offer bottomless mimosas, for $24 you get an entire bottle of champagne along with two choices of juice.  Pitchers of their house-made rosemary-lime Bloody Marys are $28, or you can get just one glass for $7.50.

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  1. I’ve been to Logan Tavern, but not Commissary (yet). Two things:

    1. I like your style. My ideal brunch is something eggy and something pancake/french toasty, split among friends. You just need a willing companion!

    2. Was one of the juice choices grapefruit? Because a grapefruit mimosa sounds amazing.

  2. A “mimosa” made with pink grapefruit juice is called a Lilosa.
    Here’s some other variations:

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