brunch at News Cafe

I first went to News Cafe Italian Kitchen several years ago for dinner on a date. It’s a cute little Italian restaurant with very good food, although I feel like the atmosphere would be improved by removing a few tables. It’s so tight in some spots that you can have as close a conversation to the couple at the next table than to the person across from you. But as I said, the food is good and it is pretty charming inside, so when a friend suggested it for brunch, I was quick to jump at the chance to go again.

The brunch menu had my mouth watering as soon as I saw it – everything from crepes to omelets to waffles or pancakes. I was craving something a little sweet so I chose the waffles topped with fresh berries and fresh whipped cream….piled twice the high of my waffle. Delicious. My friend got a cheese omelet that was one of the most beautifully cooked I have seen in a long time.

We got there right at 11 and the place was almost deserted, but by the time we left after noon, there was a line out the door. So go early or be ready for a bit of a wait for a table!

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  1. I really like this place, too, and I feel like no one ever talks about it. I’ll have to check out brunch – I have usually done dinner or happy hour.

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